Hello world!

Greetings from Lithuania :slight_smile:
I’m a Docker/Cloud/Kubernetes hobbyist and setting up a stake pool sounds like a fun new project. I would like to get to know people and share ideas.


Welcome! Will it be the first pool in your country? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone I am new here.

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Make yourself at home!

You can, like Perkuuns did, create a topic of your own to present yourself to the community! If you will ofc!


I haven’t found anyone from my country yet. But in some piechart I did see lithuanian ISP address :smiley:


Welcome! I hope you do set up a pool. Thank you!

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Hello, Welcome to join the Cardano Community.

Hi @Perkuuns ,

Welcome to Cardano Forum. Hope you could build your own stake pool soon! Wish you all the best :coffee:

Welcome @Perkuuns !

Best of luck with your stake pool endeavors!

Welcome, as well, @Habana_vee .

Please, keep us updated :smiley: