Some Cool Pools!

Thank you for mentioning my pool!
Note that the spreadsheet I posted contains two sheets: “ITN” (with all the pools) and “ITN - Pools with at least 100 blocks minted” where statistical outliers have been filtered out

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Thanks @timo89, I missed that. Post updated to reflect pools with <100 blocks on ITN.
Loved the sheet btw :wink: .

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Updated with mainnet Var. Fees.

How about adding our pool to that list. CPX,
Also on ITN with good performance and values.

I know @bigpey has produced a video outlining all the different parameters and how knowining these can serve you well @rin9s, thx for sharing your thoughts. :vulcan_salute:

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Hey @Ahmad_Alkilani, welcome to the forum!
I’m sorry, but I can’t add your pool to the list at this time because I don’t know it.

First steps to consider which can help the community get to know your pool -

  1. Posting on the " Stake Pool Introductions" category (there’s a nice guide for that).
  2. Add more info about the pool setup and its operators on the pool’s website.

Generally speaking I would be happy to make this a community thread, but I think only people who are not affiliated with any pools should endorse pools here, and not operators.

That’s my 2c, but like I said, this list is just to share my own personal inclinations. :pray::dove:


Added stake pool intro for CPX today. Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

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Hello rin9s,

Great post! My pool Bloom meets all of your requirements. I just had a name change since the ITN, my ITN stakepool was called Pey ADA. I ran this pool since epoch 3 in the ITN.


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Thank you guys so much for your interest! Here’s what I’m going to do,
I’ve added both CPX and BLOOM to the the list -

  • BLOOM - Because it really seems like the general profile of the pools I would choose to delegate with.

  • CPX - Because it seems to have the potential of being such a pool. Consider this as a vote of confidence @Ahmad_Alkilani, that you will treat the community respectfully and honor Cardano’s values as a pool op (I have faith you will).

From this point on however, I will only consider adding to the list -
Pools who are endorsed by someone unaffiliated with said pools, Kiva style.
I’m sure you understand. I really hope newcomers to the ecosystem would see the value in such a compilation.


Thanks for the vote of confidence @rin9s
Do you have enough details to pull up the ITN ROS or would you like some help with that?

Thanks again!

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Thank you for adding me to the list, I do have those things that you requested.

Looks like GREEN pool is retired - happy to take their place

We’re new also and did not participate in ITN - our pool is small but it has a good setup operated by competent SPO - feel free to check us out.


Thanks for the heads up @ADABros!
You do seem like a cool pool, but no self promotions I’m afraid, just by reference. :pray:

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Hi all,

Looking to delegate?
Ticker: STRM
Pool ID: 3b40156bab70f436f85a870d2da38021c44dd3b15a16ccf3a20424e2

STRM-4-ADA Staking Pool



Welcome to the forum @mav3r1ck!
There’s a “Pool Introductions” category actually, and you can create your own post under that category to intro your pool.

Let’s keep this thread tidy, thanks! And good luck with your pool!

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Maybe include some type of longevity requirement instead of ITN? Moving forward having ITN only, that would exclude any new pools ever from entering the list. Maybe 6mo+ active staking with reliable stats?

Makes sense @mraybin, I think I’ll do that towards the end of the year.

I hope I’ll get to maintain the list as we move forward, but so far nobody has even recommended any new pools, only pool ops testifying on their own behalf :frowning: .

Website for TRUE is now

Not sure if it helps, it being on the list already, but I’ve had various dealings with Georg and I’m happy to stake with TRUE.

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TILIA pool maybe (TILX on ITN)?:slight_smile: I think we meet the requirements too.

@rin9s I think this site has a disproportionate amount of SPOs to casual users ratio. I only found this place as an SPO looking for help to get setup. It has been fantastic in that aspect and appreciate everyone involved. @ADAfrog is a pretty cool SPO and would like to nominate him. But aside from that I think the majority seems to be the casual delegator or Ada holder with an issue. Might want to check In with other platforms as we to get a more rounded overview of the user base.

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