A ITN staking experiment! lets science the poop out of Cardano!

Hello all, I got sick of chasing high ROI pools that would soon then fill and make me move again. I believe I have a method to solve this. So I’m running an experiment to see if it works, how well it does, and if it can be optimized to actually turn a profit for me/the pool operator. Not going to explain how yet, I want to see how it plays out. Will look at spending some of the % on supporting some undergraduate blockchain research…that would be cool.

To do this I have registered my first stake pool. Once it hits 5 M ADA mark the main experiment can start. A little more detail on the pool site https:hi-roi.com

Ticker should be HROI1 pull request sent a few hours ago so…hopefully I got it right.

Oh and I decided to celebrate the experiment start by sending 500 real ADA (on the main net) as a prize to the first staker to trigger it. Need to hit the 5 M first.

Oh forgot to add, data and results will be shared with the community. Might need some help putting that together hit me up if you want to help.

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Bugger! seems like I did something wrong with the registration. I get this

Submission filename (actually public key) invalid: Owner Public key decoding error for ‘ed25519_pklfpjt5war7q3f0h5hukmujuaa26415fr24s3wccvzp3kh8r9tpn2qnn2uv3’:

WIll try again. in the mean time if you want to stake use pool ID: f3e68cad86c9d3d715a0d4593a0ad03c1b74d2142a209e442d211bb949590b35

Hi All Stake pool is now fully registered & visible on sites wallets etc.

Ticker is HIROI