Want to know more setting up Stake Pool and Requirements


I’mm Richie Calderon new joiner on this Cardano Forum. I would like to know if anyone currently setting up a Stake Pool. Currently i was collecting information and i would appreciate if someone can introduce me to the technology needed.

Richie Calderon

Hello Richie Calderon,

You should checkout Cardano SL on GitHub and the Cardano Settlement Layer Documentation that is also being built out.


Keep in mind that while many people are working on developing stake pools, the actual software hasn’t been released yet by Cardano. Learning how the Cardano Settlement Layer works and the ideas proposed for Shelley is probably the best preparation, but some things may change.

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HI nsticco,

Appreciate your time to respond, any change do you know when will cardano will release their software. Also, i believe both ADAPOOLS and ADASTAKES are using a Linux box on their CARDANO SL Test. Which they integrate a security measures with HA design of their servers.


Thank you Chain, I got overwhelmed on the documents. To much to bite in one night, do you have any summarize details for better understanding. I want to make sure that i will be align on what cardano want before on my design.

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EDIT: (original reply removed because: lol I’ve just posted a reply and I’ve realised it was supposed to be a reply to another thread! Daaaamn, sorry! But Still, thanks :smiley:

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thanks! mate

There’s not an exact date for the release of the software yet, but some time in Q2 of this year (Shelley - https://cardanoroadmap.com/)

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As soon as Q2 I will have distro images and step by step how to, so stay tuned.

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