Meet up in Kansas City?

Anyone in Kansas City want to meet up?

Hey stony, were you ever able to find anyone to start a cardano staking pool? I’m located in KC as well and would love to learn more. thanks!

No! I would still love to find someone to partner with on it though. If you find someone capable let me know.

I’m in Versailles, Mo . Did you ever get a pool setup. I actually had one going but didn’t have any delegates so I took it down.

I did not. Seems like a dog eat dog world out there for stake pools right now trying to get delegators. Would we even create any blocks if I pledged 250K ADA for example? Most people have said we need at least a million staked. Right now I’m delegating to the Meld pool, along with a few to the Ray pool and Mirqur pool. Trying to make some extra coins. Hoping the Sundae Swap pool goes live just after Meld is done. After that I’ll look back into doing my own pool again though. Would love to meet up next year sometime or even just chat here or via email if you want.

I am in Grand Rapids Michigan

Maybe after these ISPOs we can look into doing something together. I’ll probably check back into this thread in 6 months. Unless they just keep coming out with more ISPOs, which is easy money.

Yea I think 3mil stake is what you would need for a good pool. That’s why I took mine down since all i had in there was the 500 ada to start it up.

If I had 3 mill I probably wouldn’t even need to do a pool. Just stake it and live off the 5%. Unless we can make A LOT more than that with doing our own pool. No idea where I’d get the 3 mill though.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same information. Bumped into your thread…


So would we want to setup a meetup? I’m in Versallies,mo so about 21/2 hrs from KC.

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Not yet. I am going to see how some of these ISPOs go. It might be easier to stake in some of the new projects to make interest. The SPO world seems crowded and might be tough to get a foot hold in. Meld, Sundae, Liqwid are going to be rockstars. I’m also trying out Mirqur, Ray, and Minswap. There’s also an ergo pool that is going to try to do rewards in Erg. Could also be bigtime. Adaswap and Cardax are interesting too.

I’ll have to check those out.