Hello from Germany/Czech Republic

Hello Guys!

Glad to be here and get some new experience and insights! Hope everyone is fine of course amid this pandemic stuff.

Next to my “normal” job I am trying to gather as much as know-how regarding the blockchain in general. However, Cardano for me and some colleges is one of the most interesting blockchains.

My plan is to realize a server / pool and operate it properly. Also thinking of integrating blockchain in the company some time in the future, let’s see!

Hope this will work when the Shelly is going full online. Currently gathering information.

Quite excited! If anybody know a good site for “server operator beginners”, I would appreciate to read it. Better reading things twice before start :wink:

best regards from Europe!



Hello and welcome to the community @Tyxanic !

Absolutly amazaing to hear that you are thinking about integrating blockchain into your company :slight_smile:

hey @Tyxanic, welcome to the community! well done on making the jump into contributing to the community.

as for a reference starting point for beginners, these guides from proof of africa are quite well made and helpful.

i’m curious about how your going to integrate blockchain into your company in the future, care to share?