Exciting stuff!


I’m James. I’m really excited to join this community!

I’m looking to develop my skills and knowledge with the aim of contributing to the ecosystem and community more and more over time.

My goals included developing the skills required to run a successful stacking pool and to acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge of Cardano and blockchain technology so I can share the knowledge I have gained with confidence. I would like to participate in, help with and eventually run meetups.

I haven’t a technical background and would appreciate any help available to start working towards these goals.

It is inspiring to think that with time and dedication I could contribute (if only in a small way) to an ecosystem that strives to make such positive change globally and will touch so many lives.

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An easy/fast entry would be to run a cardano node like this. It works well on a RasberryPi4 and should give you all the tools you need to dive deeper.

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Brilliant, Thank you! I’ll have a look

I’m taking the MIT Opencourseware class in crypto. Might not be focused on the coding so much, but should give a good grounding. It starts with “What is money?”. Make sure to do the reading between watching episodes! 23 classes, so comprehensive.

Thanks Simon,

Ive watched the first episode and although it’s really just an introduction to the content of the course found it very interesting.

I must say that with Gary Gensler now heading up the SEC, and taking an apparently negative and somewhat stifling approach to the crypto space as a whole. I will find it hard to take in the information presented from a neutral point of view. Mr Gensler seems to be an enemy of space and a protector of the legacy systems.

However in sure the content of the course itself will help broaden my knowledge and I appreciate you taking the time to post it to me.


I think regulation will work in Cardano’s favour. Having ID and not so anonymous transactions can only help in the long run. Governments want their tax $. Plus it will discourage scammers. However i knew Nigeria had banned crypto earlier this year (wife is Nigerian) only yesterday realised they bought in their own private blockchain the e-Naira.
Not sure if its successfully being used yet.

I could see bit coin becoming like the central bullion reserve as its not so useful for day to day stuff,butcould be useful for exchanges and major nodes to switch aggregated funds about.

I finally got mysef £25 each of BTC, ETH, and ADA last night just to really understand the practicalities. I’ve got my ADA as far as a wallet, but now trying to understand stakepool selection. Wasnt too impressed with the cut Coinbase took either, so will be comparing exchanges in future. Only went with them as I know they aren’t a scam having recently listed on stockmarket.

On the course I’ve just completed class 3 and find the required reading in a certain order really helpful.

There’s like 1001 things to learn and trying the hyperlink approach can slow progress leads you to dead ends. The best so far was a demonstration video on blockchain hashing, nonces, and how you can’t change the older blocks. Without having more compute than the whole network, as you need to remine the old blocks as well as new ones to get all the leading 0000 on the hash.