Greetings from a software developer with ~2 decades in Finance


Hi there,

First of all best wishes to the three entities that are making this happen. I develop in-house software for a Fin Giant. Chances are that my employer touches your financial life directly or indirectly. I love my work and have grown into a niche.

I have been following cryptocurrencies lately because of the recent surge in awareness among the general public and also because of my interest in blockchain technology. It is very early right now to predict where this will go, but it seems plausible that in the next decade innovations in this field will disrupt a 100+ years old industry.

Although the current financial industry has its problems, it has evolved over the years and has checks and balances that are designed to prevent fraud and misuse of the system.

The part where Cardano/ADA stands out in the crowd of cryptos is in its recognition of its responsibility towards its users as well as towards the “market” in which it is used. This needs more than just blockchain. From the materials that I have read and watched so far I get the feeling this project recognizes all of that.

A financial instrument that makes it hard to detect money laundering, terrorist funding, and other crimes is not what “we” as a responsible society need at present. We also don’t want our banks to be hacked and our credit histories stolen. The need is to provide security and anonymity in finance while preventing the use of the system to fund crime.

Let’s see where this “innovation” takes us, I am so excited!


Welcome @canopus :slight_smile:

Great to have you here!