Loving What I'm Learning about Cardano

I’ve been writing code and running system for longer than I’d want to admit. My interest in currencies originates from early thinking about alternative and community currencies, and the theory that most conventional money is created as debt. Fast forward to the first two generations of crypto maturity, and I’m looking at all the new tech as a systems architect.

What attracts me most to Cardano is the overall approach and philosophy. The tech will never go mainstream unless it matures in a lot of ways, and it has to happen fast before too many visible breakdowns occur. The research based approach is also important to my thinking although I would advocate for spending even more on research related to (social) process architectures and practices related to currencies as well as the education and outreach needed so future users of these tools know in practice how to keep their digital assets safe.

This all looks like commons based peer production (ala Benkler) and I see a big overlap with Cardano’s concerns in sustainability. Focusing on “constitutional” innovation is something I have been thinking and writing about recently with respect to the Holacracy constitution (I’ll find the link if anyone is interested). I could continue about economics and governance by monetary policy and how that will work in Cardano, but I’ll maybe post about that in random sometime in the future.



Hello Gerry! Warm welcome to the forum and Cardano community! Good stuff, i cant agree with you more. For the record, speak your mind and post away. Its always fun and interesting to read on this forum. People on here and top class and very intelligent i find. Cardano cannot be in better hands! Good luck and all the best :slight_smile:

Welcome @Gerry!