Hello world, from Fairbanks, Alaska

I am an avid ADA collector, have been for months! Some think its strange, others encourage it. I personally love it. I have no coding or computer science skill, but my love of finance and economics brought me here. I intend to trade ADA till I can stake it. I look forward to making it to one of these meetings someday to see the team if I can, besides that it has been nice reading the post here on this form and learning so much. I am so excited to be a part of something this interesting. I am not sure how to have wealth and travel with it quite so nicely as ADA can perhaps provide, as I see that gold cannot travel the borders without major flags and dangers, Fiat money is inflationary as it is a tool to monetize debt, scary to travel when your exchange rate slips daily! As well as avoiding getting caught in a Venezuela style devaluation, or like Zimbabwe, both have begun to use block chain based money now, the petro in V and BTC in Z, but also much BTC use in V, hence the crypto mining legislation there. Is it wrong to avoid the patriotic public service of wealth erosion? Never, unless you perhaps agree with the need to spend as Fiat allows and trust that one cannot find a new space in our realm for a better way. Taxes are fair, diluting value by hidden process with trickle down economics is not. If Cardano were to have a financial easing program where the issuance of ADA was created as needed to fund the project we would be in the same situation, however the plan is to have the issuance of ADA as a reward for staking your wealth against false transactions as a form of security, a payment for service, paid for by a dilution in value of all ADA everywhere. In the meantime, they raised funds in the early stage so they could create a platform to make ADA so useful that people buy it! I also bought some Tezos for the same reason, and they plan to hold some of the fundraising value for project development, instead of issuing more tezos to themselves. Incredible, Bitcoin was released to the world during the too big to fail banking bail out as an option to have liquid wealth that can avoid the debt problem, Ethereum had the use case idea of a smart contract, and now look at all this development, staking, scaling, security, speed, and in the meantime, I read the large banks are sill paying fees and getting caught breaking laws, building up the derivatives stockpile and subprime assets, huge shorts on risky markets, ect, well they were told just recently, that they are too big to fail and will be saved, why should this time be different when they protect the value of so many peoples lives once again, and have the tools to break it apart quickly and in a nasty way? Obvious to some, all new information to most, I spread the news to my peers and strangers alike, the new options are here and in use. And while I hear about all these wallets getting hacked because of poor coding, and other forms of theft, I realize that there are major obstacles to making this a safe space for common knowledge folk to operate in, so I can only advise entering into an exchange of fiat or gold or whatever for a token like ADA to those who can handle being in charge of keeping that. As it stands now, a bank can help you get access to your account better than a wallet for some BTC, so we have a long way to go, perhaps not in time span but in development. We are really in for quite the ride I think as we watch the Fiat situation develop as Blockchain develops as well. I wonder if people will prefer Ether to ADA for some things and ADA for others, or it could be they have vastly different uses, I feel like there would not be one smart contract platform to rule them all, but who knows?


I share a lot of your insights, thanks for the read!

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Hell of hello! Welcome to the community! Looks like your all about caught up with crypto, look forward to see you around the forum! (maybe a meetup sometime)

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Welcome to the community

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