Hi flightless bird here

hey guys and gals, My name’s Dave from New Zealand.
Been a believer in ADA since 2.8c. :slight_smile: I support the principles that this token seems to be being built on and can see it being a monster in the future. Thanks to the team and Charles for your insight and hard work.

I am a web developer and online marketer by trade; just building www.teachmecrypto.org (articles still being written, front page up only). Also small business entrepreneur here in NZ.

Thinking about getting involved in the ADA community some more. Wouldn’t a ADA based exchange be amazing? Like fairx coming for XLM (another token I love). I am sure we could get more than enough funding. Who wants to build a team with me? :slight_smile:

How else can I give back and contribute? How about a ‘how to’ and ‘learn about’ Cardano website to help educate the masses? I could definitely do that.

Thanks guys!


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Welcome @deeds88,

An ADA exchange would be nice, do you know that Cardano will have a debit card that will automatically convert your ADA into the local currency of your choice!

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Yeh thats pretty awesome. Cant wait until its out. I wonder how they are going to pull that off. Other potential card providers are getting their connections pulled.

My thinking, in accommodating countries like Japan.
I would not be looking for this in all countries, given for example my current ADA flow it really is a shame:
Fiat <-> Exchange <-> Exchange <-> ADA


Fiat ↔ Exchange ↔ Exchange ↔ ADA

Mee too.

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