All the ADA

Hello all,

You might know me as @Chainomatic, but today I’m someone entirely new, well not really but I’m posting this under a new handle. This new identity grew out of conversations I’ve had with forum members here, possible you, so hello you.

Introductions are over on to the good stuff:

First, you must check out @CosmosX / Pierre’s exciting announcement:

No sooner did I finish setting up our new forum ID that I ran into the wiki post, so cool and unexpected.
Did you notice it has no trackers? Well it doesn’t!

Second, we, myself and other Cardano enthusiasts have posted our first essay, titled “All the ADA.”

That essay is a visual look at the distribution of ADA from Genesis as well as into the future, the as of yet un-minted ADA.

We hope you like it as it will be the foundation for a series of posts coming in the following days and weeks ahead.

All the ADA
"The Cardano Foundation 1 capped the supply of ADA at forty-five billion; there will never be more than that 45,000,000,000 ADA, ever. How was and will that ADA be distributed and what could that future look like for Cardano given what we know today?"

PS is not even close to an official launch I just could not wait another day, be kind.


This is good… pulling everything together. Great resource


Good job on that investigation Jonathan! Keep them coming!


Well that puts all the Ada in a clearly visible, understandable perspective. Thanks.

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That is a great name, @Prospectorjack


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Thank you very much