Introducing the New Cardano Wiki website


Hello everyone,

@RobJF @block-t and myself started a new Cardano Wiki website, to which community members are invited to contribute. The idea is to aggregate all things Cardano on one website. This is just a first draft and is meant to be used as a foundation for the community to build on. Please feel free to add pages or change existing pages in any way you think would improve this wiki. Multiple language capabilities will be added shortly.



EDIT : changed the link

All the ADA
Hello Cardano

Great work on launching this!

We will be adding a link to your wiki on our site soon.


Hello, @CosmosX! Can we please contact somehow, I would like to discuss how I can create and support the Russian version of this wiki. Thank you!


There’s an issue at the moment whereby people who have created an account and logged in, in some circumstances get unexpectedly logged out.

We believe there is likely to be an easy fix but it’s not something we can do ourselves.

We have taken it up with the providers but they are being a bit slow to respond. I’ll post here again when it’s fixed. It’s very frustrating for all of us!



The issue is now fixed! :grin:


Looking really good, love the content. Perhaps it could be a bit more mobile friendly. Great job guys!


Thanks Tim! I’ll be looking at “mobilising” it tomorrow. :slight_smile:


The Cardano Wiki is now mobile-friendly and multilingual! :smile:

There’s still not a helluva lot on it though, so if you’d like to somehow get involved in the world-changing project that is Cardano, this could be your chance! :grin:



Looking better @RobJF! The youtube video is breaking the frame on my phone though.

At the moment I’m swamped with building but will try to contribute when I have time.

Great effort on mobilising the wiki!


Yes this is a known issue Tim. Strangely enough, on my Android/Chrome at least, switching to the French version corrects it!

Thanks very much for your other comments. Congrats again on