Cardano Wiki update

There have been some developments lately at the wiki and there are more coming, this is just to keep you guys updated.

Some of you will be aware that there is now a Twitter account. The timeline is embedded on the home page. The home page is very much a “work in progress”, with more changes coming soon.

Apart from my admin stuff, by far the most contributions for a while now have been coming from @FlippyFlink, specially but not only on the great wallet comparison page. Thank you Flippy! :grinning:

Funding: in early March it will be the wiki’s first birthday and, at current valuations, donations received so far just about cover that period (almost all donations have been in ADA). At some point following the anniversary there will be a funding drive to cover the second year’s costs. But if you feel inclined, please don’t wait! :smile: You can find the ADA and other crypto addresses on the Funding page. (Thanks to those who sent recent donations, including one of 0.1 ADA, every little helps! :grin:)

I expect updates will be more frequent in the coming months than over the past year, I look forward to having good things to report…

But please remember, this is all voluntary activity, and we could always use more help!

The first step is just to go there and have a look around. :grin:


Thanks also for your work @RobJF :blush:

I also want to give a special thanks to @Tuan_Lam who started the Cardano Mind Map and the others who helped maintaining it. According to the stats the mind map is the most visited page and ‘my’ comparison has third place so far this month :slight_smile: See the stats here:


commendable work @RobJF :clap:

i’m curious as to how you’ve gone about using the funds donated. from what i can tell there’ve been 4 transactions, a balance of 110 Ada but none have been spent.

source or

Thanks. I changed the address once but you can see the old one here. I transferred about 1.3k ADA from the wiki wallet into my personal one as compensation for the first year’s hosting costs. Don’t have the details to hand but if you check out typical professional hosting packages you’ll see it’s in the same ballpark, given current ADA prices. (Actually, I believe I’m out of pocket by around 10-20%.)


cool, thanks for the response and forthrightness.

and thank you for not defensively jumping to the assumption of an accusation of misappropriation of funds as most would seemingly do in this current climate.

i believe it’s key to be transparent and accountable with community initiative funds. the reason i enquired was i have been giving some thought to how that can be best implemented. i’m working on an idea that at some point would welcome donations but i know that fiscal responsibility so to speak is one of the things that give me pause in such situations.

I’ve been looking at options like aragon as a potential way to present breakdowns which can then be verified via a block explorer as this develop.

have you giving thought to any thing along the lines of? also have you given thought to how the wiki might scale? at the moment is it using any cdns?

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Coincidentally it was using Cloudflare until just yesterday, but the host declined to install the apache module required to fix the IPs so we did a response comparison and decided we might as well ditch it. (“We” means myself with ad hoc consultation from another member.)

I view both scaling and funding accountability similarly: the numbers are currently so small it’s not worth putting much effort into it. Of course we can hope and expect numbers to rise but there’s no realistic scenario in which that’s going to happen so suddenly that we need to do something fast.

Also, because I don’t want to be the “wiki guy” for ever, I’m generally inclined to leave some slack for others to pick up if they feel so inclined.




though i’d add that if the foundation is designed and implemented in an elegant way that considers future needs, it’d be neat. possible considerations like client side caching pwa-style or possibly considering utilising ipfs and such, or even a bit more out there, considering hosting in a region like iceland where it’s environmentally (naturally powered and cooled) in line with cardano principles (PoS). (also legally, from a privacy perspective, doesn’t censor or retain user data)

speaking of cdns, some of the minds behind akamai have been working on a crypto succesor so to speak. you might have heard of the project, its called noia. i’ve been following their progress for a while and can’t wait to actually use them. if memory serves me right they’re currently running a tests that have opened to the public, might be worth checking out.

btw just noticed the shopify shop that the wiki points to is unavailable, and the talk section of the wiki hasn’t yet been created. i’m not experienced with wikis, whats the protocol?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Also re the shop link, I’ve now fixed this by pointing it at

Talk pages are created individually, like other red linked (non-existent) pages, if you click on the link or search on the name you’re offered the opportunity to create it.

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If the C.F. knew how many initiatives are being funded completely within the community, out of our own pockets, I think they would be surprised. And perhaps a bit more motivated.

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you’re welcome. not one to be short on ideas/suggestions :nerd_face:

as a quick aside, for trust/consistency sake, it’d be great if we could ultimately get everything cardano to live under one umbrella. meaning, say the wiki would live at for instance which would not only lessen the attack surface and vectors, as well as create more trust through consistency as aforementioned - but also be economical.

an idea that’d go to the every little helps philosophy is if the wiki was a verified brave publisher not only would it be one of the few websites i’d actually set to donate to automatically monthly, it’d also be supporting another worthwhile crypto project! :handshake:

a rising tide…


what do your folks think of the idea of doing a table for fees like what’s been done for " Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges" - personally i find a balance between security and fees to be what informs/influences my decision making.

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