Cardano Wiki - update

It’s been a while since Cardano Wiki was mentioned in the forum, but there are other reasons for posting about it now.

A while back, for personal reasons, after much agonising, I decided to “retire” from my involvement in the wiki.

Since then, however, I’ve been very disappointed by the lack of activity on it.

I thought about just letting it go, but then I realised I couldn’t do that. So I’m now coming back out of retirement.

I’ll put in some time (but not a lot) doing some of the more routine stuff – deleting spam, adding news and video links.

But it would be really good to get some help!

Whether it’s previous regulars coming back or brand new people, I don’t mind – though some of the old lot would be particularly welcome. (I won’t say which ones. :wink:)

For those who don’t already know, registration and login are preferred but not necessary, you can just dive right in.

And while I’m in the pleading mood, any tips/donations are very welcome too (still trying to cover hosting costs for first year). ADA and other crypto addresses here.

Thank you! :smile:


You received a donation from a Binance hot wallet :slightly_smiling_face:.

I will try to help you out, but that’s me saying right now when having 7 weeks off. So i can’t promise to be that active after those weeks when i’m back at work specifically when my main focus is on Reddit (which can be a pain in the ass regarding the total amount of users and shit it brings with)

So guys, ideally i think CF can come forward to donate something as well(or adopt it). If it’s not for that, help a brother out as part of the Lounge :clap:t2:

Edit: @RobJF i have moved your topic to the Lounge if you don’t mind. Not sure if it belongs at random. If you feel otherwise, move it back. But let me know so i can edit my comment :slightly_smiling_face:


This is great news Rob! We are going to have a chat about this tomorrow… :slight_smile:

It’s great to see you back and out of “retirement”! :smiley:

Best wishes,



Sorry if you’ve already seen all the previous posts in this thread, this is just a bump for those who haven’t, in the hope some of them might be potential wiki contributors. I won’t do it again, promise!

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A month ago I said I’d come out of retirement and spend some time on it but apart from a few news and video links all I’ve actually managed is some anti-spam work.

And due to travelling and holidays I’ll be spending very little, if any, time on it over the next three weeks.

To the few people who have made contributions over the last month or so: thank you very much! And thanks also to the person who made a very generous donation to cover hosting costs.

But it’s getting quite outdated now, and needs some time spent – I mean in terms of content, though some might say it always was outdated, in terms of design, and any ideas offered on that would be welcome too.

If five or six people each put in 30-60 minutes a week it would help a lot! The format is very easy to use.

Thanks guys.

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