Cardano Wiki funding and contributor appeal


I’m appealing for donations towards the wiki hosting cost.

I paid £81.92 for the year to early March 2020 and it would be nice to recover some of that! (DM me if you would like to see the invoice.)

Accepted currencies: ADA, BTC, ETH, addresses on Cardano Wiki Funding page. (Some addresses have changed but the previous ones can be seen in the page history.)

As well as funding – even more important in fact – the wiki needs contributors (I’m retired now and only do essential admin). Wikis are designed specifically to make editing as easy as possible. And if someone makes a substantial effort, demonstrates commitment and does a good job I’ll be very happy to nominate them as an Ambassador.


You’re an ace Rob.
Give him the kudos people (if not the $$ :)!
Trying to send you a handful of ADA for support but my wallet won’t sync atm :blush:.
Hope you find some contributors to pick up the torch soon!


Thanks a lot EC, hope your wallet syncs soon! :grinning:


Hey @RobJF!
How’s retirement?

Took a while but my wallet didn’t sync, so I think I’m gonna bin Daedalus for now, unfortunate as it is (had pennies there).
So I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for Staoshis :partying_face:

Thanks again for all your efforts!

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