The Wiki

I currently organise the hosting of Cardano Wiki and I used to contribute to the content.

A few months ago I stopped contributing for personal reasons, and since then nobody else has taken up the slack, which I find very disappointing.

I had almost decided it was a lost cause but took a look at the site visit statistics for the first time in a while and was surprised. Daily visits are mostly above 1k and page views are generally above 5k. There is obviously a real appetite for Cardano info, and the wiki is obviously showing up in searches. Bear in mind these numbers are for a site that’s quite outdated!


So I thought I should make one last effort to recruit volunteer editors before giving up on it completely. Anyone can create an account, log in and start editing pages. Anyone who contributes consistently over a period can become an administrator.

If you’d like to do something positive for the community, maybe make a name for yourself, even become an Ambassador, this could be for you.


Maybe CF can make an announcement in their twitter or Telegram, that we’re looking for Cardano Wiki contributors. And maybe offer some incentives for them.


I have followed the efforts, with which this Wiki developed gradually. When a similar content portal, also related to Cardano, was created in Hong Kong, I thought it would be difficult for CardanoWiki to keep up with the pace. But it’s still there now and really valuable.
I would also suggest that all existing content ambassadors be made aware of this possibility of publication.


Is the hosting guaranteed or are you still looking for someone to host the site?

Umm, neither. :grinning:

Well it’s unofficially guaranteed. Someone not a million miles from here (metaphorically speaking, obvs) has said s/he will take over some time in the next few months.

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Cardano wiki (and similar knowledge sites) may be as important as cardano product itself. Given number of developers, business advisers, marketing people who are likely getting payed $100k+ one has to volunteer for wiki?

Many, many people are working for Cardano as volunteers. Some of them become paid employees after demonstrating their abilities. Making a name for themselves among their peers in the community is a significant motivation for some people. Most are happy just to be contributing to something they strongly believe in.

The other side of the coin :wink: is that there has to be a clear distinction between official and unofficial sources of information, so that officials can be held to account. The wiki is clearly unofficial at the moment and I expect it to remain that way.