Wiki Workers Wanted!


Having been around for a while, also organizer of funding and web hosting, I’m in effect the boss of Cardano Wiki at the moment, but I’m hoping someone else will take over in the not too distant future.

Whether I’m replaced by an individual or a group, they will almost certainly emerge from those who contribute to the wiki in the next few weeks/months.

(Anyone can edit the wiki, you just need to register and login.)

The current front page is too difficult for non-coders to edit (also too “dense” IMO), so as current boss I’ve decided it should be replaced by a standard Wikipedia-type layout, with table of contents, headings and subheadings. Also, some images would be good. The standard format is very simple, see (and the table of contents is generated automatically).

I believe the front page should look just like the Cardano Wikipedia page would if it was written by genuine Cardano enthusiasts. That’s not possible on Wikipedia, the restrictions are too tight. (In fact they’re so tight the Cardano page was recently deleted, it doesn’t even exist now!)

People are working on getting a Cardano page accepted on Wikipedia, but on our wiki we don’t need to worry about that, we can do what we want!

(Please don’t anyone try to create or edit Cardano page on Wikipedia, that could cause difficulties for the people working on it at the moment.)

So you can edit the wiki yourself, or just make suggestions here, but please share what you think the front page of Cardano Wiki should cover. As a start, what should be main headings be?

Just one thing, for the editors: due to the way it is right now, please don’t dive in and edit the front page directly, the way to do it is construct a new page separately then copy/paste the contents over as a whole when ready. You can make a “test page” for development then delete it when no longer required. If you like you could share the link and ask for comments here before copying over.


Great stuff… making an account now :slight_smile:


Cool! I didn’t even know that this exists! Great page to start learning about Cardano. There’s for sure a lot of important information I missed up to now. Thanks!


I much prefer a website well designed with images links the whole info
Not everybody could edit it just administrators
It won’t be looking as cardano wiki and it’s intended to be a website with mostly everything about cardano targeting general public
If someone is interested I definitely want to do that because from the beginning is what I wanted to do ( in my free time )
What do you think ?


Go for it! The more the merrier… :smile:


IOHK has a pretty deep website, and they have a lot of content but a searchable wiki is something I think is very valuable for the community. I feel it would be best to be supported and maintained by IOHK so there would be no chance of misinformation and a much better chance of keeping up to date with rapid changes and updates. Maybe financial support of a wiki could be one of the first DAO projects.

I think the design of a wiki would be critical for it to be of value. Considering how technical a lot of this content is, I think the wiki needs to have very distinct objectives and layers as to what it will offer. Who is the target audience, what level of detail is provided for the topics, is it a regurgitation of IOHK and Cardano’s website or is it summarized for consumers, is it a repository of information equivalent to github, does it have clear navigation to not be confusing, how deep and accurate does the search feature go, what level of access should people have to editing content. etc…

I actually really like the mind map Tuan_Lam posted the other day. I think an interactive version of that is a very good start where links can be drilled down as far as somebody wants but a visual map and overview of the project is excellent for users of various technical levels. I would like to explore what mindmap software would have the best feature set to allow people to drill into as much depth as they want, but in a very visual way.


Perhaps this could be used to somewhat relieve your burden of hosting and managing code a lot if you think it would make sense to use and seems very reasonable price to add users if need be. 3 are included free.


The wiki itself is an ambassador of Cardano imho.