Looking for a Maintainer to Lead the Community Wiki : $1000/month

Hey All!

So, I would love to make this a proper prank, but I feel that’s not in the spirit of the forum.
So let me tell you right up front - there is no $1000/month. The Wiki and our collective need are however, very real.

Ever since our dear comrade @RobJF retired from mamanging the wiki around 18 months ago, all his efforts to find a replacement did not bear fruit (ttbomk). Luckily for us all, he cared enough to find some solution for hosting costs to keep the Wiki alive after his departure.

Although this post’s “experiment” is ruined (Not going to see how many would have competed for the “fake paying job” ), but I hope the thought experiment is intact, and I for one, will be watching the views counter on this post.

Our recent summit has reported attendance in the region of 10,000 individuals, so I know that our community has expanded a lot since a year and a half ago.
But how many actually care enough about the project to contribute?
How many don’t care enough to even read the small print of this post? (let’s find out :slight_smile: ).

Please comment below if you are interested in leading the Community Wiki for a fat monthly check*.

DMs regarding this post may be ignored. Thanks everybody!

*- In the amount of $1000 USD that don’t exist, and hence will never ever be paid to anyone.


Haha, not sure of the wisdom of every aspect of this but I appreciate the spirit in which it is done, thank you EC! :grin: :grin:


Maybe we could try to fund someone for that job when we are able to vote? Imo wouldnt be a bad idea.


Who would step up to the plate, and would they be prepared to take critique.?

Indeed my friend :vulcan_salute:

How fat is fat, it’s a variable my friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley::vulcan_salute:

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Hi All,

I recall seeing Rob’s previous post on this but didn’t give it the attention it deserves.

What’s involved in keeping the community wiki going? A a job description might allow potential applicants to gauge the scope of the task.



Willing to strive and uphold the values of the whole eco system in its true and pure form without filters and interpretation on information pertaining to the aforementioned.

Willing to drink coffee, isotonic beverages with a vitamin B complex regime, and a few matchsticks thrown in for good measure.



The main thing is to keep it up to date. There’s admin stuff as well but I’ll keep on doing that while any new person(s) learn the ropes. In terms of the actual commitment, we’re talking, say, a few hours per week general editing and less than one hr/wk admin.


What is the purpose of the wiki? How does the documentation it collects relate to what is done on the official websites? I am interested to become more involved with the community, but would need a clear defined purposes that is carried by the community. Maybe explain how / why the wiki was created?

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It was the idea of Pierre @CosmosX in Feb/Mar 2018. I supported the idea and had some experience of building and running websites so I joined him and we got it off the ground. Later he had to drop out due to pressure of other commitments.

If I remember correctly, it was a response to the issues regarding Cardano on Wikipedia (still on-going over two years later). So we thought we’d have our (the community’s) own wiki where we’d be free to do what we wanted.

For personal reasons I’ve also been trying to reduce my commitment. I stopped making contributions and reverted to an admin-only role a little over a year ago. Until a few months ago I was responsible for hosting arrangements but it is now hosted (for free) by another community member, who does not currently participate as contributor or admin, though he has admin rights.

I believe that anyone who demonstrates a commitment to developing the wiki should be able to take it in whatever direction they see fit. Anyone can sign up as an editor and start working on it right now! Well, not quite, account approval is currently required as an anti-spam measure, but if a person can’t wait a day or so then they probably wouldn’t be in it for the long haul anyway. :grin:



I’m interested in maintaining Cardano’s Wiki site!
I don’t profess to be an expert on its’ developing platform. I explored Cardano bullishly until ~18mo ago, when my family required my full attention & resources.

Editing, updating & maintaining the site would quickly bring me up to speed on Cardano’s multi-sector projects and latest developments.

Most of the (aging) US population doesn’t understand or accept that cryptocurrency & blockchain is the definitive transition to digital finance & data management or its’ transforming role in all sectors of industry.

I’m well positioned to deliver that information in a relatable, nonthreatening way to the skeptical, tech-wary US consumer defined as ‘late adopters’ to change.

What I bring to the table: the ability to connect to readers with varying resistance and tolerance to innovation & change; the time to research & present Cardano’s niche in this evolving technology; the commitment and writing skills to do it well.

One post implied the possibility of payment. As a single parent that’d be ideal, but isn’t my motivation. I enjoy research & writing & do my best work with the mutually beneficial opportunity this presents.

I registered to the forum with my email address if you’d like to follow up with me. I’d love to discuss this opportunity with you further in more detail.

Kind Regards,

Lisa P.


Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum!

You sound like you’re the ideal person for the wiki! But please be clear, in the short term there is no possibility of payment. In the longer term there might be some chance, either via Ambassadorship or from the treasury as a funded project (or maybe both, not sure about that). Of course, the better your work, the more chance of compensation, everything else being equal, but it’s all up in the air right now and IMO likely to remain there for a while yet.

What you need to do is register on the wiki and wait to hear that your account request has been approved, probably within 24 hours. Then dive in! Wiki markup is really easy to learn if you take it a little bit at a time.


Thank you so much for your courage and altruism @lisa_perry!
Just to clarify - the payment part was a “prank” on my side to get the conversation going.

It would be possible to strive for that within the structure of Cardano, but as @RobJF said, that’s something, that if it happens, will be a bit down the line, and ultimately out of any individual’s control.


Awesome to have you on board Lisa P


I’m not looking for money. I am a semi retired CPA if you’re looking for an administrator please let me know I’ll be more than happy to help


Looking forward @shawn! Thank you! :sun_behind_small_cloud: