Wiki guy retires

I recently reached the traditional UK retirement age for men (65), I’m “officially” retired (as far as the government is concerned), and I’ve now decided to retire from crypto-related activities as well. Except for hodling. :grinning:

Some of the old-timers in here (>6 months) might remember me saying similar things before, but this time I’m going to make it stick.

What prompted this decision now? The tipping point was when I decided the wiki needed a redesign and started to look at reskinning it but realized my heart is not in any kind of technical work these days, so I might as well give it up. But I first started having vague thoughts along these lines over a year ago.

As well as dropping the wiki work, I will also stop making regular contributions here on the forum and in other channels. So that mainly concerns technical help, though I was never very good at that anyway! I’ll continue to look in here and elsewhere from time to time.

Until someone else can take over the wiki hosting I’ll continue to do what’s necessary, but no more. I’ll stop taking donations either when the hosting is taken over, or when what I’ve already paid out is covered, whichever comes first.

Reskinning the wiki is not really necessary but I do believe that the home page needs a big shake-up, and it would be great if someone was willing to take that on.

Also, however, the content could do with updating in various areas. The markup language is not difficult, though the home page code is a little messy due to the use of nested tables. (The main reason for reskinning was to get away from tables.)

Anyway, that’s all up to you guys now! Hello, anyone out there?? :smile:



I understand your decision, but i want to say that i have always have seen it as a pleasure to have you around. We’ll still speak, i am sure of that.

All the best Rob!


Thanks a lot Andy, and right back at you. Yes, I’ll be around! :grin:


I agree with @Andy_Hendrikx; sad to see you take a step back but understand the decision. See you around @RobJF, and enjoy your retirement (particularly the off-line part)!


Thank you for your time & effort supporting Cardano - cheers!


Also shared on Twitter but hopefully we can find some community members to keep up the amazing work you’ve put in Rob!!


Thanks very much Maki! :grinning:

Thanks for helping me in the past with technical stuff. You were very helpful! Congrats on your retirement!! :clinking_glasses:

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Thanks David :slightly_smiling_face:

Rob, my sincere thanks for your contributions to this community. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you when you “drop by” and want to say hello.


Hi Rob

I am relatively new to the Cardano forum (and community), however I have some technical skills and can host websites if required.

I also have some free time at the moment as I am contemplating life while living on a recent redundancy payout.

Happy to help if I can.



Good to hear, Phil!

I think it’s probably best if you (and anyone interested) spend some time on the wiki, also probably at the mediawiki site, get some familiarity, then if you’re still interested in hosting we can discuss the details.

well this is a rather nice farewell note and response :relieved:

@RobJF thanks for all you have contributed :bowing_man:

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I have hosted and managed MediaWiki sites before (albeit a while ago now), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Are you however looking for someone who can maintain the content, or do you already have maintainers in addition to yourself?

@maki.mukai i propose for a call to discuss this in person. so a meet-up where @RobJF and others in the community interested in this transition of the wiki can discuss. i’m assuming from previous meet-ups others are in london are able to travel in. i stress the in person portion because there’s a largely limiting bandwidth and latency choke and lag doing it online.

so i suggest we do it in person, stream it, then distill the essence here on the forum. all this in time before staking preferably. thoughts?

btw, just in case it wasn’t clear i intend to partake in this as rob and i have discussed the wiki via direct message, and i have ideas, time and resources to contribute.

@misteraxyz think it’ll depend on where interested individuals are located. so let’s wait and see on that first :slight_smile:

fair enough @maki.mukai, though, well, doing so wouldn’t stop people in other places from doing the same… and time is of the essence!

from an incentivisation standpoint - as someone who is employed (by iohk?) one can also see how that directly affects your sense of urgency. as it evidently historically has in the case of CF

this has led and continues to lead to frustration and demotivation…

mercenaries and missionaries are motivated by very different things…

i’d hate for robs contributions to be set back at such a pivotal relay button handing over, they instead need to be catapulted…

i’ve tried to frame my response not be read personally but objectively

Both contributors and technical people are needed, but IMO the content side is more urgent.

If more than one person is interested in hosting then I’m not sure how that should be decided, but to be realistic, it is currently “in my gift”, and I’d be inclined to favour a person I already knew.

Sorry, I don’t agree either that there’s any need for a personal meetup or that there’s any urgency.

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If there is someone with more history on the Wiki that is able to host then I am happy for them to take it on. As I have server capacity, time and capability to host at no cost I just wanted to offer as a way to give back.

It sounds like you may have other offers as more people see this post, given it is still fairly new. Happy to help in any way, just let me know.