I’ve been working on a new distributed federated system that might interest all of you

I’ve been working, in part, on a new distributed federated system that might interest all of you.

Before I begin, I’m not sure if this is a copasetic post or not, if it’s not forum moderators I understand completely, do your duty, no worries.

Okay, the pitch:

Part 1
I see a lot of effort going into many form posts here, I’m enthralled by the independence and I want more, but this forum is not the medium for the elucidated and illuminated thoughts fleshed out by all of you.

Your work deserves more.

This form has its place and always will but when a threads popularity dies so do all of your thoughts, pushed back collecting dust that only gets worse as more forum posts are created.

One solution, your own Ada/blockchain specific minimalist blog that showcases your writings and doesn’t distract readers.

This very feature will be available after the launch of Cardano’s ouroboros if you want it!

Another example that we can implement:
Creating a Cardano Wiki page posted by @CosmosX

Part 2
Ada supporters need a place for real honest to goodness conversations. A microblogging “Twitter” like experience but tailored to our needs in a decentralized open source network, something less than this forum but still tailored, enter:

Ada St

A small, focused community of Cardano visionaries, crypto-anarchist, and all formal verification enthusiasts.

In other words, all of you and no one else, unless you include them, it is federated (curated) after all.


I could tell you about the potential to earn Ada, its something we are thinking heavily about and can implement if the word on Ada street tells us so, thanks to @ADALove for kicking this can:

Rewarding Our Community’s Contributions

When you join you will be known by your username, so choose carefully as it will be part of your URL, using myself as an example:


Yields this:


Part 3

Ada.st is an experiment to see if we can create a small, purposeful distributed community, with the eventual goal of being a sustainable, all inclusive community-run instance.

I’m starting it off but I need all of you to make Ada St a distributed reality,
Jonathan aka @chainomatic

Mobile apps for after you join:

Put this into the instance:



Good initiative! Keep it up!

Your all over the board man! Sweet! ADALove was onto something with rewarding the community, I hope that you get some recognition with this and Cardano adopts it.

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@Chainomatic First, I really enjoy reading your fusion of technical and philosophical comments. Thank you.

Regarding the ideas presented, a few comments:

I’m a big fan of Mastodon, Amaroq, Bitchute, and all the up-and-coming open source projects that will eventually liberate us from the monopolies of Twitter, Facebook, and Google/Youtube. So, I’m open-minded about your ideas, but here are a few current points of resistance, which may change over time:

I invest time/energy into this community for two primary reasons:

  1. Have meaningful, thoughtful, and relevant discussions about how crypto/blockchain technologies will impact our global economic and geopolitical systems; and by extension, how they will impact human civilization.

  2. Submit ideas and suggestions for the CF/IOHK team to consider as they develop the features of Cardano because I truly believe that Cardano is currently humanity’s best hope to achieve a more stable, equitable, and sustainable global economic system. As long as nothing destroys that confidence, I will keep participating in this community.

If I understand your proposal correctly, it would fulfill the first priority above, but it would not be able to fulfill the second priority because it would bifurcate our community and disconnect us from the team’s daily analysis of our conversations here in these Discourse-based forums.

The second concern: I hate Twitter and Facebook for many reasons, but here are a few reasons.

  1. They are destroying the civility in our world by creating structural incentives for people to act like a$$holes. We euphemistically call them “trolls,” but they’re really just a$$holes. These creatures exist online because they feel immune to the usual consequences of getting their a$$es kicked and/or being held accountable for their behavior in the physical world. So, the only way I would ever consider joining any other online community (This is the only one I’ve ever cared enough to participate in.) is if there is very strong anti-a$$hole rules because I’m already sick of the couple a$$holes in this community that think they’re clever with their constant stream of vomitous snarky comments, distortions, and false accusations.

  2. The format of Twitter/Facebook (and Amaroq) creates incentives for people to waste time on digital burps and farts that don’t really have any value or meaning. I use Twitter primarily for scanning global sentiment on important economic/geopolitical issues and I have people who use it on my behalf to promote my books and other meaningful projects, but otherwise, within the context of how I prioritize my time/energy/life on this Earth, I don’t think there’s any meaningful value to Twitter/Amaroq.

  3. Facebook is a mixed bag: On the one hand, it obviously enables people living in oppressive countries to communicate and coordinate with people outside of their immediate location. So that’s good. But FaceCrack is also literally rotting and rewiring humanity’s brain and creating a global population of zombies who no longer understand how to think rigorously or communicate respectfully. They literally don’t comprehend how or why these principles are important because they are able to vomit whatever comes out of their fingers without any real-world consequences that would otherwise moderate their animal behavior.

HOWEVER, at some point, if the CF administrators don’t crack down on the nasty trolls in this community, I will actively support ideas for new venues for our discussions that would give us more power to exclude the a$$trolls. (And to the trolls: No, you do not have any legal rights in any OECD nation to slander, defame, and distort anybody’s words with your thoughtless and poisonous slurs. In fact, in the U.S., the First Amendment provides no legal protection for false statements and false accusations nor do the laws in any other OECD nation. If I ever find out who you are in the real world, I will spare no expense to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.)

Bottom Line: Others may have a different opinion, but my overall perception of your proposal is this: I love your thoughtful initiative and I think it’s something we should do if the trolls continue destroying the civil and positive ethos of this community, but otherwise, I would prefer to keep our conversations focused here for now. And I agree that it would be nice for our most active/meaningful threads to be easier to find; so, maybe that’s something we can present to CF as a feature request for these Discourse-based forums.


I attended a social (pub) meeting with some self-described crypto-anarchist discussing what else, Ada; the conversations ran deep and wide, once our bills arrive I noticed that they all paid with big bank cards, Chase and the like, I paid with cash.

I’m not advocating a replacement of this forum, I’m moving to bring meaning out, onto a federated street.

I get what you are saying @ADALove we’ll be here when you are ready {;- )