Hello from Italy!

Hi there. I’m a long term holder of Ada and I’m pretty new to the cryptocurrencies field. I’ve started to study blockchain and DAG technologies a couple of mounths ago and since I’m a developer with a great passion for security I want to grow up my experience in order to take part (one day…) of a developer team in an interesting project.

From the ones that I’ve selected, Cardano seems to be the one which is based on state-of-the-art results. I completely fall in love with this coin for its key features like modularity (this is an essential property to be ready for any update) and the secure PoS protocol. I hope this coin can continue to grow according to the given roadmap.

It would be great to join in other platforms (like Slack if you have one) in order to discuss in real-time with other Cardano’s users.
For sure i’m available for any help (for now i can offer only translation of article/wesites in italian and spanish; sooner or later I can help also in the bugfixing or other stuff related to development) in order to better disseminate this great project.


Hi @n0cZone welcome to the forum and Happy New Year

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Hi @Doskad and Happy New Year to you too!