Announcing ADA Burgh! The USA Based ADA Stake Pool!

Hello All!

I have launched (SSL certificate issuance may take up to 24 hours. But it is on its way!) I am super excited to be one of the lucky few to be registered for running a stake pool in the Shelly Testnet. According to the roadmap this should be live in Q1 2019. In the meantime, please check out my beautiful wordpress templated website, and sign up for updates on what is going on behind the scenes in regard to stake pools and the testnet.

Some of the main philosophical reasons for why I am launching ADA Burgh can be found below.
Not in any particular order

  • To support the cardano ecosystem by being a part of its decentralization process (DUH! We all love ADA)

  • To help fuel local adoption of ADA. I am currently the host of ‘How I learned to stop worrying and Love Cardano’ (Name is subject to change after an influx of confused old women joined, thinking that it was a form of self-help/yoga!? If you are in the Pittsburgh region or Western PA please feel free to join the group.

  • To be transparent and community focused. I plan to be the best stakepool for everyone and since stakepools are nothing without those whom stake to them, I will strive to be hyper competitive rewards wise. Having low pool fee’s is a top priority in the long run, but naturally those whom stake will ultimately have the strongest voice in how fees are distributed. If the community of stakers would like to see the rewards go to more community events or to developing new dapps or to fund a satellite that transmits the cardano blockchain from space we can do that. I am open to implementing a sudo-treasury style system into my stakepool if the stakers would like to see that. Maybe this is how governance could work in a decentralized way? A choose your own governance structure via your staking, or lack thereof, to a particular pool. Those ‘votes’ to stakepools then allow you to participate in that pools unique governance practices. Sounds like a cool idea to me, but like everything these days, if the community doesn’t think it’s cool then what’s the point?

I could go on for days about this but for the sake of keeping this announcement post short I will cut it here.

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Connor Alexander
CEO and Founder of ADA Burgh
Also Junior Data Analyst at ICO Alert


Just tried to register in your website and it said there is an error sending the message. Can you fix it.

Fixed ! Let me know if you run into any further bugs. I really appreciate it.

You might like to add your pool to this page:

Edit: I see you already did, well done! :grinning:


I was just about to ask where I could find a list of staking pools. Thank you Robin. Have a good day.