Fellow ADApters / Cardanians: today we have launched “The ADA voice”, the first decentralized Cardano podcast

ADA voice is created by the Cardano community and for the Cardano community

The past weeks we have been working hard to get the concept of the podcast right.

We’ve reached out to many of you and asked your advice, your ideas and what you would like to see happen more in the community.

We received lots of feedback and have put lots of that into practice.

The podcast will focus on interviewing community members

We believe strongly in the power of the community and this is one way we can give our community a voice in the further advancement and growth of the protocol.

We see that EMURGO and IOHK are actively on social media but, if we want more and more people to become aware of the protocol and its potential, then we need more initiatives, we need to get more people involve.
This is exactly what we are trying to do with The ADA voice.

The Cardano Effect is a great first initiative and we respect and love their work, however if we want to see further growth, we need more initiatives, more positive competition.

Allowing competition amongst us should eventually lead to more growth, simply because each program/podcast will have their own unique viewers, who are also part of a unique network.

Of course we will share lots of the same viewers, but it’s the unique ones that will cause extra growth.

Our first episodes have been posted on our YouTube channel . Please let us know what you think

As time passes we expect to grow into this role and improve on our skills. For now we are hoping for your support.

Thank you very much

Interview 1:

Interview 2:


Great concept !

hi NostrADAmus
But that’s not all. More information about the podcast will follow soon. stay tuned.

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