The ADA voice is Expanding. We are looking for new members to join our team

At the moment we have three journalists who are conducting interviews with community members: Max, Denicio and @Projekt (who is in the process of getting setup)

The team is small but we believe that the more people involved, the better the content will get and the more people will be attracted to Cardano.

Eventually we hope to be recognized by the Cardano Foundation, (be it as a Cardano Community-Hub) and be granted some sort of funding for our time and creativity, leading to the further growth and advancement of the community.

Participation does not necessarily mean doing interviews, it can also be by creating creative content about Cardano

Would you be interest in joining?

Reply or send us an email:


Hi Phil,

Thanks a million. This remark is really worth a lot to us. The eventual goal of The ADA voice is to become a decentralized community podcast. More details will follow at a later moment

Very soon you will be seeing other community members presenting as well.

Recently we had Max who held an audio interview with @Jacob_Lill and soon we will see @Projekt debuting as well

Via email, Telegram and Reddit there have been others who are also willing to participate.

So there will be more faced and diverse content.

We would be happy to have you on board.
Drop us an email so that we can go more into details of how you envisioned this

Hoping to hear from you soon

Hi Phil
When you have time drop me an email.
Would love to discus the details with you.


I live in Indonesia. I’m interesting to promote Cardano. I’m thinking to promote Cardano in my free time in small community. Maybe by giving T-shirt, pen, pin, etc. It’s cheap in here. Hopefully it can grow. People in here is blind with what so called crypto. Maybe less then 10% people know about bitcoin. Even, my friend in banking industry doesn’t know what bitcoin. (imagine if they know altcoin).
But, I really don’t dare to introduce them to Cardano before Goguen phase complete. To be honest, I myself still not convince yet with Cardano because of the delay.
So, at least I must convince first then I can introduce to other people.

Hi Dear,

It’s wonderful if you to consider promoting Cardano in your home country.

Why don’t you start by interviewing people about Cardano or what about organizing smalll meetups?

If you need a platform, let me know
I’ll be happy to post your interviews

The new Roadmap has been released and the testnet should be launched this month as well.

It’s been a long and lengthy process but that’s always the case when you are building a product that needs to cater to billion of people and meet high academic standards.

After all you don’t want to have a case where you end up having problems after a year or two. You really want to make sure you get it right.

I’m sure your friends and people within your network will eventually hear about Cardano soon or later.

If you need anything let me know

Denicio Bernier
The ADA voice

Hi Denny,
Just call me Dan. I have several question regarding your answer.
First, who should I interview? My local friends? or some Cardano Community member? Because if you’re talking about my local community friends, I guarantee 100% nobody ever heard about Cardano.
What you mean by platform?
Yeah, I keep tracking Charles AMA, even sometimes little pissed me off because of the delay. But, I still have hope that Cardano can finish it.

I doubt that. You see, Indonesia have about 250million people. Most of us have only primary school english level fluency. Means we speak very little english, unless we study abroad.
The Cardano literature in Indonesia language is so limited. I only found very little information in youtube especially in Indonesian language. Which you need that to penetrate Indonesia’s market.

I really confuse where to start.