Former community lead of BlockApps, MetaMask and Witnet here

Hello folks - Dropping in to introduce myself. I formerly managed community/marketing and user/dev relations at several blockchain projects. Here to learn about what sort of community engagement is happening around Cardano and to see how I can contribute. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the Cardano Forum @jrmoreau! :wave:


Welcome to the Cardano forum.
We are happy to have you here.
Have you heard of The ADA voice?

This is a community initiative, created by the community and for the community.
With the podcast we are building a platform where you can get to know our community members, their story and future vision for Cardano.

We would love to have you one our show.
Would you be interested?

You can find us on Twitter: @The_ADA_voice

And on YouTube:

Feel free to connect with us

Denicio Bernier
The ADA voice

Hi Denico, I will be sure to check it out!

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