The Cardano Effect Promo Video



Hi everyone,

Rick, @rickymac, and I have started The Cardano Effect podcast. Check out our promo video. 1st episode coming soon. Please subscribe to the channel if you have a chance. :grin:

Philippe & Rick


Looking forward to your first episode guys, good luck!


I am excited for the first episode, this is great collaboration between the partners of Cardano! Also a great time for it right before Shelley and with all the recent updates, and also the developments coming from Emurgo, I hope @SebastienGllmt can be givin a chance to discuss the Dlabs project and the details of what is currently going on with that, and I personally am interested to hear the feedback Emurgo has received about the Cardano React Native library.


Great job guys. I am super excited about this.


Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks for keeping us updated~


Hell yes guys, thank you for creating the podcast!
So hyped for the first episode!


Can’t wait. Great Luck Guys.


Really excited about this…good luck!!! Kicks some a#%


Looking forward to this! i think two great hosts ! More Cardano history in the making :slight_smile:


Hi @rickymac and @philpa! Congratulations and many thanks to you both for setting this up. I am super excited about this podcast.

I hope that everyone who signed the petition and all Cardano investors including current sideliners that you might know of to subscribe and show your support for this podcast. At this time, I only see 796 subcribers… It would be great to have a significant viewer base so that we can also have a diverse group of individuals on the show i.e. institutional investors, enthusiasts, developers, etc…

Good luck!


Hi Risus, thanks for the words of support. I just set up a new sub reddit for people to leave comments and questions to be read on the show.


How do I sign up for the podcast? Can’t find it on my app.


I think Rick has you down as a guest. We are in the process of setting up a schedule. If you need to reach out to us, send us an email at


Thank you. I would also like to subscribe to your podcast.



Thank you. I was looking for them on my podcast app.


why do you use gmail for cryptocurrency project??? are you not aware google spies on its users…??
it’s ridiculous! can’t you create a protonmail or tutanota account???


Ease of use. :slight_smile:
We don’t have access to anything that any other person couldn’t find themselves. It’s just an email to take questions from the community.


We will work to get them on other platforms. For now, the episode will be released on YouTube.