The Cardano Effect Promo Video



Hi everyone,

Rick, @rickymac, and I have started The Cardano Effect podcast. Check out our promo video. 1st episode coming soon. Please subscribe to the channel if you have a chance. :grin:

Philippe & Rick


Looking forward to your first episode guys, good luck!


I am excited for the first episode, this is great collaboration between the partners of Cardano! Also a great time for it right before Shelley and with all the recent updates, and also the developments coming from Emurgo, I hope @SebastienGllmt can be givin a chance to discuss the Dlabs project and the details of what is currently going on with that, and I personally am interested to hear the feedback Emurgo has received about the Cardano React Native library.


Great job guys. I am super excited about this.


Wow, thatโ€™s awesome. Thanks for keeping us updated~


Hell yes guys, thank you for creating the podcast!
So hyped for the first episode!