The Cardano Effect podcast transparency statement


I would like to thank everyone for your support and questions for The Cardano Effect podcast. To ensure people are well informed about The Cardano Effect and our approach to delivering the podcast, I would like to pass along the following statements for anyone who is interested:

  • The Cardano Effect is privately owned and operated by Rick and Philippe. We are responsible for the content we publish and the casting services we use.

  • The Cardano Effect is sponsored by IOHK. We are not IOHK employees. We are open to other sponsors now and in the future.

  • The Cardano Effect content on Youtube is licensed as Creative Commons CC BY 4.0. Anyone is free to use or mix the content of the podcast appropriately. See this link for details:

  • Community input and questions for guests and content are very high priority. We try to get to every question and comment as best as possible. Community feedback is welcomed and used to improve the podcast.

  • Community suggestions on who you would like to see on the program is always welcome, please let us know.

  • The Cardano Effect statistics are available at:

  • The target time frame we are using for the podcast is 1 hour, ranging from 50 minutes to 1:30.

  • Cardano Clips is our mini-channel and is run by a volunteer college student. Cardano Clips was designed based on viewer feedback for people who do not have time for a 1 hour podcast.

  • Guests on The Cardano Effect podcast are personally invited by private email by either Philippe or Rick. We do not publicize any prospective guests unless the person has accepted an invitation.

  • Guest access is not restricted to The Cardano Effect, and have no exclusive access to guests. People simply decide to come on the show or not.

  • We do have a scheduling plan. The idea is to establish a good solid podcast within the community, among IOHK, Emurgo, The Cardano Foundation, and then branch out to the broader community with other cryptocurrency developers and industry.

  • The purpose of the podcast is just as Philippe describes during the intro “To make high level developer information easier to understand.”

  • Our philosophy for the podcast is that “We are the Science Channel and the History Channel” mixed in with a little fun and a few laughs. This is as opposed to being a “Keeping up with The Kardashians” or Judge Judy type program. No drama. There are plenty of other YouTube channels for that.

  • We will not create a controversial environment on the podcast so that future guests will know what to expect. We can ask tough questions, and we can ask controversial questions, without stepping on toes.

  • We do not allow foul language on the podcast to prevent the “Explicit Content” rating on Youtube and our service providers. We want maximum availability of content.

  • All guests are treated politely, respectfully, and may decline any question at any time which is then edited out of the final cut.

  • Questions submitted that are tacky or asked in a disrespectful manner will be paraphrased, or in some cases omitted. (The majority of questions so far have been absolutely awesome).

I hope this helps clarify how The Cardano Effect podcast is operated and brings some requested transparency to the forum.




Purrrfectly clear! Thanks for all the hard work you three (+ volunteer) put into it. I enjoy watching it and it’s great to sometimes be able to ‘listen’ between the lines, while getting interesting news and updates.

Keep it up guys!

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Thnx @rickymac & @philpa for your work and community time :slight_smile:

The Cardano Effect - channel:

Cardano Clips - channel:



Thank you guys for your efforts. I’m wondering how much IOHK is giving you guys. Would be great to be transparent about this as well. Others might say “hey, that’s totally worth it, I’ll try to create something too”. Would be a great way to incentivise people, even if not everyone will be sponsored by IOHK.



Very clear statement! It’s nice to have things coming out of box as always!! Keep the good works up! :sunglasses:

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