New YouTube channel TCE clips for a quick look at The Cardano Effect podcast

Hi and Happy Holidays,
We have a side channel to The Cardano Effect which contains short clips. This channel is to give new viewers a quick look while they browse YouTube, and has a link back to the original video. Brief videos are more easily shared on social media as well.

The hopes for this channel is to offer new viewers and non-Cardano people a look at Cardano in a brief snapshot. Then if they enjoy the podcast mini clip, they can easily follow the links back to the main channel and into the Cardano Ecosystem linked from the main channel.

Any feedback and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Here is the channel:


Great idea Rick, this will definitely be helpful for people to share short videos with others.


Great idea Rick. Love the idea of little tasters for people.

One thought about the name - it may not lend itself to search (no expert on YouTube naming convention). Might be worth changing to the full name?


Thatโ€™s a great idea indeed. I just hit the subscribe button.

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I will try to figure out how the name affects search, but you are right, the title of the channel is a searchable piece of data. I tried to use the tags to raise visibility. Will do some more research. Thanks Jon.