Episode 3 of The Cardano Effect will be taping tomorrow - community inputs

Wednesday November 21 we will be taping Episode 3 with the Topic “What is Cardano and what makes Cardano a 3rd Generation block chain?”

If you have points or questions you would like to see brought up during the episode let me know, or visit the reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/thecardanoeffect/comments/9yixxe/episode_3_begins_taping_on_wednesday_november/



Ooops, that means I missed episode 2.
Episode 1 was really great. The Cardano Effect will become a constant input for me. I really like that all of you are so grounded and not hectic at all, very much tho opposite many youtubers out there.
The only thing I would propose is that there will be more discussion and not 5min statements one after the other.


Hi Rick in reference to yoroi… can i ask how long until a support with other browsers like firefox

Btw love the effort you guys are going to.




By the way: Your intro music is great. I just don’t know why I think in alien musicians when listening to it… :wink:


Do you mean like Star Wars! Me too, haha.

Hi Haydo,
I don’t know but maybe @SebastienGllmt can help with the answer. The only other browser besides Chrome is Yandex, but that is because Yandex is a Chrome clone so it is simply working just like Chrome when the plugin is installed.


We’d love to have support for Firefox but currently we’re prioritizing hardware wallet support. Yoroi is open source so you’re welcome to help build any feature whenever you want :slight_smile: