The Cardano Effect - Episode 1 - Why Cardano? When mass adoption?

The first episode of The Cardano Effect podcast is here. Make sure you subscribe! #thecardanoeffect


Great podcast, I look forward to more of these.

It would be interesting to hear a discussion on the benefits and vulnerabilities of POS and Cardano with regards to what is going on with Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV Hash War. The “decentralised” POW is showing itself to be deeply flawed in that scenario, as I understand that even some BTC pools are redirecting their hashpower to support ABC and control the outcome. That situation is highlighting the capabilities of large mining pools, and how the end results can be very destructive, on the SV side Craig Wright is also making his own threats, including targeting BTC next year.

Anyways, yeah, a discussion about the implications of Cardanos POS in a similar scenario and how it is less susceptible to this kind of situation would be interesting. Letting people know that an attacker would necessarily be attacking themselves by owning a stake would be a nice message to spread to people hearing about the hashwar and feeling uncomforatble about getting into crypto where some of the biggest coins are effectively trying to destroy each other…


Loved it! Very special feeling watching it. We are on the cusp of great things. Amazing to be involved. Thanks everyone!

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Good job guys! A great introduction to the podcast, great to hear your stories.