Cardano Effect and Africa

I’d like to make a suggestion for an Africa special on the Cardano Effect and inviting on John O’Connor. He might be happy to elaborate on the Africa strategy that Charles discusses on Cardano Effect - Episode 4 -AMA with Charles. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it, fascinating stuff.

Sebastian reads a question from a gentleman in Kenya, asking which countries IOHK is involved in and what the projects are. Charles’s answer is extremely interesting and demonstrates the huge potential Africa holds for Cardano. That’s why I think this would be such a great subject to dig deeper on for a podcast.

The reason I’ve posted this on the forum is because if the Cardano Effect are happy to consider this, then others might have suggestions on questions or areas to cover. Or indeed, how to make this podcast really go viral in Africa.

Let’s see how this is received.

The podcast I refer to is below and the particular question on Africa is at 19:30…


Great idea! I have been very impressed with John O’Connor in the videos I have seen.

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Same here, committed individual. I haven’t seen him for a while so would be good to see the developments.

One of the main reasons why Africa is so interesting is because of the population size and young demographic. Charles discusses the interest from Kenya and Ethiopia and how the Ethiopian Prime Minister is a Crptographer! Look at Nigeria and their demographic!

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Every time I think I am done getting coins I watch something like this and end up wanting to get more.

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Looks like some interesting moves that’s for sure. As John said, we’ll see developments in 2019 and with most things like this, don’t hold your breath, it’s likely to be the latter part, but promising none the less.

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BTW my question was the first one asked from the reddit section (fist pump!).


:+1: that’s good. It’s a great community. Africa is definitely an interesting area to keep your eye on. I’m hoping now that the Cardano Effect has done this podcast, we’ll see more of John and developments

I’ve been thinking for a while that 2019 is going to be a good year for Cardano. A lot is going on beyond anyone’s control that affects prices but I predict some really good stuff and Africa is a big part of it.

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I agree that 2019 will be an interesting year for developments though I get the feeling a lot of people think this will all kick off in Q1. We should all be prepared to exercise a little more patience as this stuff will take time. Having said that, Africa will likely be one of the catalysts

There is one big set back that a lot of people might not be taking into account, that isn’t really related to Crypto at all, but that will be the implosion of the U.S and the bursting of the greatest bubble of all times.

It will be hard on everyone and it will be a dry time period for available capital and expansion in any sector - the more worrisome is not the financial loss that will result from this but the political aftermath of this event. There are tons of people as of today that are ready to go full commie, well what wont that number increase to when you have a huge chunk of a newly impoverished middle class.

That is the real concern and it is a battle that will not be easy to win - it will be a political battle and the main issue being nobody really understands what is going on, even the so called main stream experts - and I really do hope that things take an unexpected turn and not the predictable one. Not the one where people will look to government to solve the problem that they created in the first place - as you will see government overreach in scales you could never even fathom.

One thing that will be for sure, with the new degenerate generations and weak law enforcement It is going to be one big crime fest of destruction in the streets.

Well we do live in uncertain times that’s for sure. One could argue that blockchain is well poised to take advantage of or fill any voids created by geopolitical change

Yes interesting things could happen for better or worse - It is in chaos change emerge.


So much focus has been on the Far East for Cardano and many other projects come to that, Africa has been largely overlooked. It’s good to get some more attention and awareness on the continent