Another great AMA with Charles

Great Podcast AMA from the Cardano Effect! Well worth watching.

8 Likes More than a feeling, Cardano’s better days are ahead!! :grin:


My AMA breakdown:

2:22 How are you? Where in the world are you right now?

3:20 What about moving IOHK to Wyoming? Will the name of IOHK change to IOW?

5:36 Can cryptocurrency feasibly outcompete existing mobile payment technologies in Asia/Africa?

11:10 How do we kind of grow our eco system to the point where we no longer pegged to the price of bitcoin? Do you think that is even possible?

13:42 Does anyone working or try to Advertise on TV, Radio about Cardano benefits!? How will you make the world that does not use the internet so often and has not heard of blockchain technology to learn about its benefits?

19:36 In what countries in Africa is IOHK involved?

25:51 How competitive do you think Cardano is in the landscape of developing nations? Is Cardano the only one pushing into this countries?

36:00 How did you get involved into Crypto? (from a childhood perspective)

44:33 Nietzsche has said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. What is Cardano’s why and what are some of the most difficult “how” problems?

54:24 How will the ecosystem evolve from a settlement layer point of view? Will there be other tokens? What role will these tokens play? Will we have a stable coin?

1:04:02 Charles, after you are done with Cardano project in 2020, what is your plans for future ?

1:09:06 Given that there are now several new flavours of Ouroboros (BFT, Cryptinos, Hydra), what does the end game look like? How will these different versions play together?

1:20:20 How are we doing on time, do you want to take a couple more questions?

1:20:52 How hard is it to learn Haskell, Plutus and Marlow for developers that are used to C++, C#, VB, .Net platform or Java?

1:25:52 Can the market cap and liquidity is so high and interoperability is so fluid that speculative trading can "disappear"?

1:33:30 Where do you like to relax?

1:33:40 Travel tips or travel hacks?

1:34:45 Favourite NFL team?

1:34:53 Favourite musik genre or band?

1:35:00 Favourite video game?

1:35:09 Do you see the use of green technology in the countries you are visiting?

1:35:40 Are other countries interested in crypto because of the tech or do they want a currency that is less manipulated?

1:35:57 What kind of vehicle do you drive?


Awesome. Tyvm!

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