Surprise AMA With Charles Hoskinson 11/16/2018

Charles is doing one of his surprise AMA’s!

Watch it here:


Great discussion as always, thanks. Particularly, I liked the discussion on Ulysses S Grant. Given the recent events:

In his words, “The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.”


Oh, and it was me who asked about your shirt from Hawaii. :sunglasses:




always didn’t make it on time, can only watch recap :(((((((((((


This is my breakdown:

0:00 Greetings
0:40 Version 1.4
1:40 Shelley related updates after 1.4
3:54 Yoroi open source, Ledger, Trezor
4:10 Deadalus, Icarus address style
5:00 Tangem hardware multi sig wallets ([]
6:30 A lot of code being written
7:23 Traveling: Mexico, Thailand, Home (Colorado), Vegas, Scotland, Abu Dhabi, Uganda
8:25 Plutus fest, mock chain
10:10 Getting Cardano Foundation on track
11:30 The Cardano Effect Podcast AMA:
12:43 Cardano’s open source management and patents?
17:20 Has IOHK or Emurgo hired anyone from Africa who can assist in regulation planning?
17:53 When will ETC have that little wallet? (tangem)
18:23 Iron X relationship
20:15 The 2020 Olympics
21:35 Can you explain more about the longest chain of the consensus protocol is more dense that an attackers chain or what law prevents an attackers chain from being more dense?
22:00 How many staking pools will Cardano have?
23:15 What do you think about the BCH fork?
25:30 Nothing about Brazil and Latin America?
27:20 What is the major impact of open sourcing Yoroi?
29:32 Can you please give some example of what web developers can do with Cardano?
35:20 BTC to ADA atomic swaps, DEX
37:20 What about Microsoft protocol release?
40:30 No plans to use Alexa
40:50 What do you think about ETH POS?
42:30 Do you care about Health when traveling?
43:00 Quantum computing and quantum resisting
47:10 Yes this shirt is from Hawaii
47:30 Yes I’m going to Crypto Crow in Ohio
48:40 Why everybody is allowed to create tons of addresses
49:30 Sirin Labs deal? (Finney Phone)
51:00 How did you get into Cryptography?
57:10 Who do you think the Chinese rate EOS higher than Cardano?
57:57 Is Plutus going to have dependent types like Idris/Agda/Coq? (functional programming languages)
58:54 Cardano is not going to fail.
59:00 Do you talk to Vitalik often?
59:55 Why are there ERC20 tokens higher than Cardano?
1:00:17 Three books you would recommend?
1:06:50 Have you tried other approaches to mental health and well being?
1:13:55 Will Ron Paul run in 2020?
1:14:19 Did you try floating tank therapy?
1:14:25 What is you favorite mathematical constant?
1:14:51 Charles’ Hyperloop -Mining a crypto currency by meditation
1:18:50 Was Haskel a good choice?


Crap I just wasted 30 minutes annotating the video lol. Gonna repost this to YouTube.

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Thank you again for this second effort to index the raised questions.

I updated the list of all AMA’s on
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