Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 08/09/2020

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 08/09/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On September 8th Charles Hoskinson sat down for a surprise AMA to address some of the progress emerging from Cardano.

Moving forward

Things are moving in the right direction for Cardano. Many updates are on their way at the end of the month for Goguen. Currently we are trying to parallelize workstreams with Daedalus and more will be revealed shortly. On The Voltaire side we are working to have ballots come out before the end of the month. We believe that October will be the voting season for the dcFund. We are currently broadening the scope of things that we are looking at including GitCoin.

Rick McCracken is taking the lead in developing a community led roadmap for the Cardano Foundation. This will articulate what the community feels the CF should be doing. IOHK will work to add structure to this conversation. There is an analogous workstream going on with Voltaire and we believe that we can help synergise some project management between these two initiatives. When this roadmap is finalized we will write a formal letter to the Cardano Foundation asking for a line by line response as to how they will choose to proceed with these thoughts.

Marketing and Goguen

Liza, our new marketing director is beginning to jump into meetings. Soon she will appear on the Cardano Effect to discuss our new marketing initiatives. Meanwhile we are beginning to get involved with the programming language side to accelerate Goguen. On the ETC side of things we have made our proposal and we will likely do a presentation on Hash Algorithms. Our team is also getting Mantis where it needs to go.

Currently we are in negotiations with Runtime Verification for the resurrection of IELE. This will be an expensive project but we believe that it will be well worth it. We will be donating $125 thousand to the Haskell Foundation and we are looking forward to incentivizing the unification of the Haskell Community. We believe that the better Haskell gets, the better Cardano will get.

AMA Questions

11:51 If ada gets to 10 dollars tomorrow, what happens if everyone sells their ada?

12:34 How will we celebrate 3 years of Cardano?

13:40 IOG is the only driver of Cardano?

19:30 More scams are appearing.

21:17 How do you avoid illegal media being transferred on the blockchain?

24:17 Lay anyone off?

24:55 Who is Liza\Can you update your security video?

25:37 What kind of earphones do you use?

26:17 What is Cardano’s relationship with kadena?

27:00 Do you really think that Cardano will be bigger than Ethereum and Polka Dot?

28:01 Proof-of-work and ETC?

29:35 Why not a Bitcoin improvement proposal?

33:05 Proof of space time?

33:38 AI in crypto?

47:44 Are you happy with your description in the Infinite Machine?

51:04 How will Russians delegate stake if it is illegal in the country?

51:55 Thoughts on specialized graphics cards?

53:40 How does random number generation help ada?

55:17 Are you going to upgrade your graphics card?

56:26 How is the relationship with ETC profitable to Cardano?

59:55 How do we help smaller pools?

1:00:50 What is the difference between the cFund and the dcFund?

1:03:00 Do you read Carl Sagan?

1:03:25 Why can’t the CF behave like IOHK and Emurgo?

1:08:30 Bittrex news?

1:09:11 Autodelegation?

1:12:00 Plans to change parameters?

1:13:17 Is a PhD required to work for IOHK?

1:15:35 Will your class on CS prepare students to make a dApp on Cardano?

1:16:14 What other country would you live in?

1:18:00 Did Jeffrey Epstien kill himself?

1:22:00 Have you considered starting a podcast?

1:23:13 Will social security be replaced with a blockchain solution?

1:23:25 Wolfram or Weinstein?

1:28:01 If you get rid of universities how will the peer review system work?


Government tax-junkies (Luddites) fear technology (they cannot control)…
(I like Julia for Maths and future branching for any Quantum solutions, C for embedded, so a scalable, functional voting system to resolve best solutions would be good. The wisdom of crowded programmers / systems)… take the Hype out of Hyper-Inflation… my wheel-barrow has a busted wheel.