Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 14/8/2020

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 14/8/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On Friday August 14, Charles Hoskinson sat down for a surprise AMA.

Short update

This week we shipped a great deal of software and the d-parameter went from 1 to .9. That means that people have begun making blocks for the first time. We have also recently signed some grants. One of these brings imperative Plutus into the ecosystem. A great deal of code is deploying and we are looking into the Scala and Mantis codebase. This was good stuff and we are looking forward to having it brought back to life.


1:50 When will Yoroi IOS be ready?

2:28 Why are you still connected with ETC?

7:30 Digital vouchers in Africa?

8:58 Do you still talk to Charlie Lee?

10:31 Shelley is released?

11:00 When can Cardano withdraw from Bittrex?

11:50 Can you tell us about the Shopify repository?

12:30 Daedalus takes about 20 minutes to open on my mac.

13:36 What is Mantis?

13:50 Any update on Ledger NanoX\Wil ledger live have staking capabilities?

14:35 Thoughts on YAM.

15:13 Trezor?

16:00 ERC-20 Converter?

17:05 Cold pledges?

17:38 I keep seeing high returns on DeFi?

19:00 Who will conduct the SPO certification course?

19:50 What programming language do you recommend for a beginner?

20:10 Will you start a pool?

20:20 What do you think about ETH fees?

21:00 Still friends with Adam Back?

22:50 Plans for acquisitions?

23:05 Would love to see collaboration between Cardano and Horizon.

24:00 Why ada so stagnant?

29:15 Did WSJ attend the virtual conference?

29:40 Air pollution pilot?

31:00 Setting up a RINA network, can we apply for a cFund grant?

32:01 Can you explain Qeditas?

37:10 Tell us about the gladiator painting?

39:00 I’ve been making progress in my own security due to your videos.

40:44 What happens to Cardano if your contract isn’t continued?

43:20 Chain Link is worth more than ada.

44:15 Using VRF can create adaptive corruption how do you get around this?

46:20 I have no programming experience, can I make smart contracts on Cardano?

48:00 Do you ever scroll through 4Chan?

50:50 What do you want to add to Daedalus?

52:10 Can you do an NFT for your paintings?

53:00 Favorite type of beer?

54:15 Japanese vs. American whiskey?

55:40 I’m an accountant that is learning basic webstack.

57:03 Polkadot?

57:55 You should share your web scraper.

58:50 Why is Hydra better than sharding?

1:00:55 A pool with 116,000 stake made a block.

1:02:15 Can Cardano handle non-DeFi apps?

1:03:40 Would you invest in Tesla?

1:12:14 You’re a fraud.

1:16:50 How does someone apply to the cFund?

1:17:22 Fraud is propping up ada.

1:28:00 A lot of rich people have left the country.

1:28:25 Everything legal and societal is backed by the use of force.

1:32:45 Thoughts on a SPO GUI?

1:34:10 Do you like Socialism?

1:36:25 Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?

1:36:55 If something happens to you can someone replace you?

1:38:05 When did you learn about cryptography?

1:39:30 How can you hate socialism and want to pull people out of poverty?

1:42:20 Are you worried about the election?

1:45:00 Do you have guns?

1:46:20 Take the politics out of business.

1:53:00 What do you think about Unity2020.

1:53:45 The 4th dimension?

1:56:25 The website has a Hong Kong address.

1:57:55 What’s up with your video game?

2:00:15 How to change your mind? (book)

2:01:50 $1 million dollar bounty?

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