Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 29/05/2020

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 29/05/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)
On May 29th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to give an AMA.

Busy May

May has been a difficult month for the United States. We are all frustrated and divided at the moment. We have gone through this before. The 1960s were a similar time of division. This is why it is important to maintain a principled approach in all aspects of life and work.

In terms of the Cardano project, this has been one of our most productive months ever. We have now put code that we have been working on for two years into the hands of people who know how to use it and break it. By going through our exercises the pioneers on the Haskell Shelley Testnet have helped us to know our code in a far deeper way.

We are grateful to them. We are also confident in the code. That has allowed us to announce a date for the launch. June 30th will be the launch of Shelley with a back up date of July 5th if this does not go according to plan. On June 9th, we will open up the Haskell Shelley testnet to the general public. The pioneers have set up the town and it is ready for mining.


3:03 What is Tyson Quick’s problem on Twitter?

10:47 I disagree with your response to CIP1.

13:03 Thoughts on Ernst and Young Nightfall in the Cardano ecosystem?

14:15 I can’t see a nation using a third party currency or cryptocurrency.

15:30 Any update on direct ledger support?

16:30 What are your thoughts on Algorand as a competitor?

17:30 Will ledger allow cold staking?

18:38 When Daedalus mobile?

19:00 Will today’s ada be valuable after the hard fork?

20:30 Any corporations approach you for partnerships?

23:00 Can you talk about the Daedalus paper wallet?

23:45 How is the Africa strategy coming?

27:40 Any contingency for celebrating Shelley?

29:25 Thoughts on Space X?

34:55 Have you met Elon Musk?

36:10 Obamagate?

42:30 People are mad in Washington right now.

46:55 How is Prism?

48:20 Does Prism use a DID standard?

49:20 Is Mantis still relevant?

49:50 Do you fear being assassinated?

53:20 Google is using Rust.

54:05 The gladiator painting?

55:35 Has a research team started on stablecoins?

56:30 Will there be an option of making transactions private?

57:58 I approached the Ethereum foundation about an idea, how will it work with Cardano?

59:30 Can you talk about the special guest for the virtual summit?

1:01:30 What was the first game that Phil Wadler made?

1:01:59 What will the details for inflation be?

1:04:00 Do you own Bitcoin?

1:05:10 Can anyone use ada?

1:05:38 Favorite professional wrestler?

1:06:05 How many Cardano users do you project right now?

1:08:12 Best NBA player?

1:09:55 Any details on MultiSig?

1:11:25 What is Kuchina?

1:12:05 Will the hard fork create a new token?

1:15:10 Where can you use ada?

1:15:40 TPS on Shelley launch?

1:16:15 RINA?

1:18:10 Is Libra DOA?

1:18:45 Did you consult on ada pay?

1:19:50 When will a voting system on Cardano be launched?

1:21:00 Good effects from Lion’s Mane?

1:22:55 When Cardano grows will you have to be more political like Mark Zuckerberg?

1:24:20 Reading a good book right now?

1:26:00 Biggest scam right now?

1:26:20 What do you think about the Nathan Kaiser administration for the Cardano Foundation?

1:32:22 When do we get dates for Legends of Valour?

1:40:10 What do you think about Twitter fact checking Donald Trump?