Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update and Sunday AMA - 17/05/2020

Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update and Sunday AMA - 17/05/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On May 17th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an AMA below please find a list of his statements and hyperlinks to the questions he answered.

Launching the pioneers

The pioneer testnet has launched. The first week was about onboarding and getting exercises to the pioneers. This opened a communication channel between IOHK and the pioneers. The next week will be about propagating blocks. After that we will be opening the network to the wider public. Once we get it open to everyone we will wire on the Shelley wallet and do an end-to-end testnet with Daedalus.

After this we will do a balance check to ensure that all balances are correct. We will then verify that the hard fork combinator is working properly. This will allow us to ensure that everything is working seamlessly like the Byron reboot. This month is the pioneer month. Next month is about getting Shelley users online. We are looking forward to the product update at the end of this month.

Pulling it together

It is exciting to see the things we worked on in pieces pull together without a hitch. Oftentimes when building with polylithic architecture pieces don’t fit right when placed together. At the moment the VRF is operating correctly. It has also been a joy to work with the Cardano pioneers and the broader community. Shelley is looking good.

We are looking forward to having trolls reconsider their opinions. It is great for us because it means that the market is not pricing ada correctly. This will catch many detractors flatfooted. As a consequence of the launch we will see some whiplash.

Passing censorship

One example of this is the fact that Cointelegraph did not mention Cardano in its article on POS cryptocurrency projects. This is ignorance at best and censorship at worst. This makes it vital to show off Shelley at the launch. It is for our supporters as well as us. We will invite the media and launch our marketing reset at this point as well. We believe this will correct the amount of respect and accolades that we receive.

There has never been in the history of cryptocurrencies a testnet as successful as the ITN. We 19 thousand validating nodes. This is for complex testnet software. In spite of the bleeding edge nature of the Rust codebase the community showed up and did their jobs. They did it with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. This is ignored by the community in general.

True impact

However, we feel that this is an opportunity for our ecosystem. The good news is that the engineering is getting done. We are number one for commits. Some websites like CryptoMiso have not updated their information to clarify this fact. We have made over 2400 commits this week alone and those have not populated to the proper news channels. This is par for the course as far as we are concerned. Ultimately, we will overcome this.

We have already made an enormous impact. People are taking formal methods seriously now. Some people overlook the fact that we have made a large amount of commitments to the crypto space and this can be seen in Ethereum, though we are often neglected to mention EOS or Tezos instead.

This is akin to a previous effort on behalf of Charles Hoskinson to audit the Federal Reserve. At this point he encountered a media blackout due to the powerful nature of the Fed. This means that we can operate well in circumstances that are less than ideal in terms of media and messaging. Ultimately, we are here to change the world together.

AMA Questions

10:55 How is the garden growing?

11:34 I’m trying to write a book about Cardano, do you think its a good time or a bad time to do a marketing content push?

12:23 Will I be able to stake when Shelley launches?

13:56 Does the hardware you run affect node performance?

15:09 Could you give a simplified version of how proof-of-stake works?

25:44 What is your current relationship with Vitalik?

26:51 Do you expect a depression from the virus, if so what can we expect from the blockchain industry?

39:19 What is the solution?

41:31 What would you recommend for pledge for a stake pool operator without much funds?

43:15 How close are you to meeting the roadmap deadlines?

45:20 What is the difference between ada and Tezos?

46:30 How is ada quantum resistant?

51:20 Will IOHK submit smart contracts for patents?

52:20 What happened to the previous CTO of IOHK?

53:53 Will Prism be open source\Will it use existing DID technology?

56:15 Which BMW do you prefer?

58:35 Will there be cold staking at the start of Shelley?

1:02:50 What happens if you lose your UTI key?

1:04:30 What about using a ledger nano X to open Daedalus?

1:04:55 Is Cardano more secure with Praos?

1:07:20 How are the audits going?

1:07:40 How is planning for the virtual summit going?

1:08:30 What do you think about Caitlin Long starting a cryptobank?

1:10:25 Who is coming to the virtual summit?

1:11:05 Any inkling if Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto?

1:11:55 What is IOHK’s relationship with IBM?

1:12:55 Is it Steve Jobs back from the dead?

1:13:30 Any thoughts on staking coins being considered by the SEC?

1:14:45 Any thoughts on Cardano on Wikipedia?

1:17:10 Is IOHK a part of the WC3 consortium?

1:18:30 Any collaborations with Stellar?

1:19:33 Is Cardano Hydra going to have routing problems like the Lightening network?

1:21:30 Are you the real Justin Sun?

1:26:23 What is the biggest competitor with Cardano in 2020?

1:27:50 How do you prevent the ledger from becoming too large with 1000 TPS?

1:35:01 Why was Yella Shelved?

1:40:45 What are your thoughts on Neuralink?

1:49:20 Will you still do AMAs when you launch Shelley?

1:49:52 Did you ever play Everquest?

1:55:40 Why do the dry year, wet year thing?

1:56:20 Any move towards legacy addresses?

1:57:33 Can you talk about stoic practices?

1:58:48 What about the competition between AMD and Intel right now?

2:00:20 How do I start working as a programmer for Cardano?

2:00:48 What do you think about John McAfee?


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is there any chances that stake pool operations can be made very user freindly so that more and more people can participate and run their own stake pool ? which can bring more visibility and interest in the product . rt now i think its too complicated and you need to be a real IT guy to implement it…