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Cardano Foundation on TCE about its Ambassador Program - Phase Two

Welcome to Phase Two of our Ambassador Program! Hinrich Pfeifer and Tiago Serôdio of the Cardano Foundation joined TCE to discuss the program, what it means to be an Ambassador, and how you can get ada by contributing to the Cardano ecosystem…

This is easier said than done, but if you’re up for a challenge, start learning more at:

Watch the full episode

IOHK Cardano Product Team’s Monthly Development Update - 28/05/2020

PRE-REGISTER NOW: Tune in on Thursday May 28th for the brand new edition of our LIVE monthly show, with all the latest #Cardano news. Join hosts Tim Harrison and Aparna Jue, and guests to hear what’s been happening and what’s up next.

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IOHK’s Christopher Greenwood: Shelley Testnet Development Update w/e 22/05/2020

On 11 May, working with a small group of community stake pool pioneers, IOHK kicked off their first Haskell testnet stage: “HTN Friends and Family Pioneers.” Here’s IOHK’s Christopher Greenwood’s first video update on how things are going! (SPOILER: very nicely, thanks!)

Check out the update

IOHK Updates Cardano Explorer to 1.0.0 in Light of Upcoming Shelley Release

On 20th of May IOHK started deploying the new Cardano Explorer 1.0.0, which is a completely re-engineered application based on the latest Byron reboot infrastructure. Our new Cardano Explorer offers a significant step up from the original (released back in 2017 at Cardano mainnet launch).
As well as bringing new functionality, improved reliability and enhanced usability, it is also foundational for a host of future features as we take the final steps towards the rollout of Shelley on mainnet!

Experience the new Cardano Explorer here

An Introduction to Cardano’s Smart Contracts platforms: Marlowe and Plutus

Plutus and Marlowe are two smart contract languages being developed by IOHK for Cardano. Plutus is a library built on top of Haskell. Unique among smart contract languages, Plutus uses metaprogramming to integrate off-chain and on-chain code. On-chain code compiles to Plutus Core, based on System F-omega, an unusual application of theory to practice. Marlowe is a domain-specific language, based on the financial contracts work of Peyton Jones, Eberd, and Seward.

Want to learn how to build with them? Watch Simon Thompson’s videos on Marlowe below!

Watch Simon’s explanatory videos for Marlowe

Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update and Sunday AMA - 17/05/2020

On May 17th Charles Hoskinson, took the time and opportunity to hop on his Youtube channel to give the community another Cardano update and surprise AMA.

Launching the pioneers:
The pioneer testnet has launched. The first week was about onboarding and getting exercises to the pioneers. This opened a communication channel between IOHK and the pioneers. The next week will be about propagating blocks. After that we will be opening the network to the wider public. Once we get it open to everyone we will wire on the Shelley wallet and do an end-to-end testnet with Daedalus….

…continue reading below!

Read and Watch Charles’ latest Cardano Update and AMA

Meet Honeycomb - Connecting Smart Contracts to High Quality External Data; An API Marketplace

What is Honeycomb? Honeycomb is an API marketplace that links blockchain-based smart contracts to the datasets they need to create meaningful, real-world applications.

Honeycomb works by connecting premium API data providers to decentralized oracles. This makes the API available for smart contracts without a centralized point of failure, which is one of the unique properties made possible by utilizing blockchain technology. On the Honeycomb API marketplace, smart contract developers can browse and access a wide library of APIs from various different categories. Through an easy-to-use interface, connecting smart contracts to the data that developers need is made extremely simple.

Check out more information and an explainer video in the blog post below.

What is Honeycomb?

EMURGO Webinar Presents “Beyond the Block:A Deep Dive Into How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chains”

EMURGO has organized two webinars thus far to discuss blockchain use cases for businesses and career professionals. People from all over the world with different career backgrounds have been welcome to join and participate in our webinars. Each webinar has focused on a specific blockchain-related topic and also discussed EMURGO’s own Traceability Solution further in-depth.

With that in mind, EMURGO is pleased to invite you to join our third “Beyond The Block” webinar with EMURGO Consulting Group Manager Purushotham, and our guests Trace Labs General Manager Jurij Skornik, and Trace Labs Co-founder and CTO Branimir Rakic, on Friday May 28, 2020 at 20:00 JST (Japan Time)/11:00 GMT.

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30 May 2020 Online Cardano Meetup - AVANCES A LA FECHA, in the Dominican Republic, by Pamel Matos

17 June 2020 Cardano Shelley Upcoming Release Online USA Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael

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