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Cardano Foundation Launches Phase Two of its Ambassador Program

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its mission to grow the global community – has entered the second phase of its flagship Ambassador Program. Phase 2 (Rewards) is designed to further recognize and reward the contributions of the pillars of our community directly, via a system that allows for payments in ada (₳)*.

Read the full Forum post

Watch the animated video

Meet some of the Cardano Ambassadors

Watch some of our current Ambassadors share their Cardano journeys, thoughts about our Ambassador Program and their hopes for Cardano.

Watch their video here

Last but not least, here you can also read the latest Cardano Ambassador Stories #19, #20 and #21!

#19: Thiago & Tony

#20: Mike & Peyton

#21: Gabor & Tuan

*Phase 2 of the Ambassador Program enabled operationalizing of ada (₳) payments and prompting partial move of ada holdings. See here for more details.

Recap: IOHK’s Cardano Monthly Product Management Update for April - 30/04/2020

Last month on Thursday, 30th April, IOHK shared what’s happening in the Cardano world, including the latest on the Haskell Shelley testnet, Adrestia, the R9B code audit and much more.

Watch the update here

IOHK Blog: From Byron to Shelley - Part one and two

Following the successful Byron reboot of Cardano, IOHK is beginning the phased transition to the Shelley mainnet. This means moving from a static, federated system to a dynamic, decentralized Cardano blockchain.
The process begins with a series of Haskell Shelley testnets, culminating in the Shelley upgrade hybrid phase.

The Haskell Shelley testnets will be a different experience from the previous Incentivized Testnet (ITN) for both stake pool operators and general users/ada holders. This is because the ITN and the Haskell testnets have been created with different goals in mind.

Part one: read the full blog

Part two: read the full blog

Read more about the “Friends & Family” testnet stage from Casey

IOHK Blog: Combinator makes easy work of Shelley hard fork

This blog is a behind-the-scenes look with Duncan Coutts and Edsko de Vries. Since the launch of the Incentivized Testnet marked the coming of the Shelley era last year, the Cardano platform has entered a fast-moving period of development. The Ouroboros Classic consensus protocol has supported Cardano Byron and the ada cryptocurrency for the past 30 months, and we’ll soon be switching to Ouroboros Praos. This is the version of our proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol that will initially power Shelley as Cardano decentralizes. It builds in the staking process with monetary rewards for ada holders and stake pool owners.

Read the blog by Duncan and Edsko

Charles Hoskinson’s recent video updates and AMA’s

The last few weeks Charles Hoskinson, CEO IOHK, also took the time and opportunity to create several Cardano related and/or general, educational videos on his YouTube channel you may be interested in viewing.

We have listed them below for you!

Read and Watch Charles on: “Strawman Authentication”

Read and Watch Charles on: “Cardano Marketing and Adoption”

Read and Watch Charles on: “Answering Some Reddit Questions”

Read and Watch Charles on: “F&F Stakepool Pioneers”

EMURGO Blog: Meet Goblin, a Blockchain Startup Changing Content Distribution Globally

Last month EMURGO proudly welcomed Goblin, the newest batch member of the dLab/EMURGO startup accelerator in 2020.

In our Internet-dominant era, users are facing increasing Internet privacy issues with web ads and clickbait. Goblin is changing the way consumers and producers of content interact with trustful efficiency, creating a win-win for both content consumers & creators. Goblin is a web-native way for Internet users to consume quality content, whether it’s news, downloads or videos.

Rather than paying for this content, users’ devices simply solve a valuable computational puzzle, in exchange for the content. This transaction is enabled by useful proof-of-work, a consensus algorithm first implemented in the Bitcoin blockchain. This proof-of-work system is the bridge Goblin uses to reward both users and producers of content.

Read the full blog

EMURGO Blog: “Foundations of Blockchain” - Learn Blockchain Fundamentals Online From the Experts

With many currently using their time at home to develop and learn new skills, online courses are rising in popularity. Continuous self-improvement is very important, and we are lucky to have specific online courses that help us to build our skills. Why not utilize your time at home to skill up your career and become(more) blockchain-proficient?

EMURGO Education is now providing a great opportunity for those interested in learning and understanding about the details of blockchain technology with a new online course offering - Foundations of Blockchain - with flexible starting dates & times to cater to students’ schedules.

Interested? Check it here!

Cardano Community Meetups

Upcoming Meetups

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There are currently no offline meetups planned and/or supported due to the global ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
In the meantime, we have gathered feedback from the community for possible solutions and recommendations to hold e-meetups. Please have a look at our forum post: E-Meetups: Suggestions and ideas on how to hold an online meetup event

14 May 2020 Online Cardano Meetup - Stake Pools & Staking - Stuttgart, Germany, by "Token_414"

14 May 2020 Online Cardano Meetup - About Cardano Security by Antonio Sánchez, Spain.

22 May 2020, “Setting up a stakepool: utilising the POA stakepool guide” - Online Meetup by Joshua, Nigeria

30 May 2020 Online Cardano Meetup - AVANCES A LA FECHA, in the Dominican Republic, by Pamel Matos

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Hi! I’ve been trying to get my questions answered on telegram but no luck so far. I would like to translate to Slovene (Slovenian language) but there is no category for it.

I have also translated 2 youtube videos from IOHK and my translations have status submitted for 6 days but when I go to the videos my translations are not there. Looks like they are not accepted or you don’t support the language. I don’t know. Can someone point me to the right direction please?

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Hello @adante thanks for your msg. :slight_smile:

Regarding the IOHK video translations, I’m not sure either and I’d like to tag @IOHK_Laurie for this.

Re translation sections: I think we can add a Slovenian tag/flag to the forum, just like we have for Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/etc. Would this help?

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Yes, please add that. It would be very helpful. Thank you.

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