EMURGO Education Presents "Foundations of Blockchain" - Learn Blockchain Fundamentals Online From Our Experts

Utilize Your Time at Home to Upskill Your Career & Become Blockchain-Proficient

With many using this time at home to develop and learn new skills, online courses are rising in popularity. Consistently upskilling one’s self is very important, and we are lucky to have specific online courses that help us to achieve those skills.

As a global blockchain solutions provider & a founding entity of Cardano blockchain, EMURGO Education is now providing a great opportunity for those interested in learning and understanding about the details of blockchain technology with a new online course offering - Foundations of Blockchain - with flexible starting dates & times to cater to students’ schedules. ( See below for more details. )

This brand new online course offering will provide a wide variety of valuable educational content including the basics of blockchain technology, deep analysis of actual live use cases for blockchain in the business world, plus a lot more! This course is designed by EMURGO’s blockchain professionals to help students achieve basic blockchain proficiency and is applicable to all backgrounds including developers & career professionals with tech & non-tech backgrounds . It is a versatile course that will equip students with the blockchain skills necessary to apply them to their careers and businesses!

Those who sign up simply spend up to two hours a day with EMURGO’s blockchain experts through live-in-person online sessions and tailored educational content.

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I feel like I haven’t seen much from our friends at Emurgo lately. Good to see this post!

I seem to see something from Emurgo most days. Do you follow them on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook?