Charles Hoskinson - Answering some Reddit Questions - 04/05/2020

Charles Hoskinson - Answering some Reddit Questions - 04/05/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

The following is a list of hyperlinked and timestamped questions from Reddit answered by Charles Hoskinson.

00:45 Can we delete the old Daedalus wallet?

02:35 Can you talk about the phase two ambassador program?

05:08 How will Plutus involve refinement types?

09:55 Fundamental research about Cardano?

13:20 Is it in our best interest to make it easy for everyone to be able to run critical pieces of Cardano infrastructure?

15:55 Can you talk about transaction fees after the launch of Shelley?

17:43 Having Daedalus sync issues on OSX

19:01 First Shelley block?

21:10 Cardano on Coinbase?

22:06 Bullish vs. Bearish the CEO approach?

45:11 What happens if you lose your spending password?

48:05 Seems like Aparna was a great hire.

50:50 Will the mechanics of pledge be clear during the Haskell testnet?

53:40 What happens when the d-parameter hits zero?

54:55 How is Cardano more decentralized than bitcoin?

59:35 Will other crypto projects be built on Cardano?

59:55 Who controls the private keys of the treasury wallet?

1:01:00 Ada just goes down.

1:06:00 How easy will it be to submit a proposal?

1:07:35 How do you get mom and pop organizations to use Cardano?

1:16:50 How do you avoid paying taxes?

1:19:00 How was meeting with General McChrystal?

1:24:01 What is your impression of the Republic of Georgia?

1:26:20 Do you agree with Elon Musk about Corona?

1:31:35 Greek universities for authentication?

1:33:01 What do you think about Iran and the United States?

1:44:40 What do you think about theoretical physics?

1:45:50 Can you talk about your relationship with ETC?

2:05:34 How many days for the friends and family testnet?

2:06:25 Will Ethereum 2.0 make Cardano obsolete?

2:08:35 Snarkware?

2:11:30 Everything about ETH 2 is superior to Cardano.

2:29:50 What do you think about buy back?

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