Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA 03/12/2019


Just finished the AMA breakdown:

0:00 Welcome from the hotel room in Hong Kong
1:40 Shelley testnet very likely this month, V1.5 also on schedule, Daedalus backend
4:30 Ledger support soon (maybe April 2nd because Ledger is releasing new apps on the first Tuesday of the month)
6:05 The 10 watt full node Raspberry Pi, Rock Pi
7:25 Deployment in Ethiopia, coffee supply chain
9:25 Cardano interoperability progress
11:15 Some sort of quantum resistance this year (epoch closing)
12:20 Interoperability lightning interledger (ILP)
13:18 Samsung crypto wallet in S10
14:00 Tangem card, offline transactions, trusted platform module (TPM)
16:00 Ergo platform
17:23 Flyclient paper vs NIPoPoWs (Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work)
20:17 Endor (predictive analytics venture)
22:02 Rant on the “first trillion dollar cryptocurrency” misquotation.
23:35 A tiff with Chico Crypto
25:44 BLISS signatures and not being quantum resistant
26:20 Transaction vs smart contract, UTXO vs account style record keeping
31:54 Rant about release date estimates.
36:36 Enigma project, secret smart contracts
38:33 Other IOHK projects like RS|Coin and Qeditas
41:00 Strategy for teaching 10,000 plutus developers
43:00 Working with different universities
43:43 Scientific research on Rchain / Rholang (programming language)
48:48 Stable coins
49:49 Since roll out is a little slower then originally anticipated do you plan to continue after the 2020 funding? (after 2020)
50:10 Would you join a PoS vs PoS discussion with Kyle Samani and Will Martino (Kadena)
51:40 Cardano in Hawaii
52:36 What Charles studied
54:23 Lighting network and possible Cardano integration
54:41 How do you work with formal methods?
1:00:00 Netflix recommendations
1:00:48 Single thread performance transactions per seconds with Shelley (TPS)
1:02:10 Ranting about someone doubting the peer reviewed papers.
1:03:00 Smart contracts making deep inroads into legally binding contracts
1:05:00 Token 2049 Conference
1:05:26 DC or Marvel
1:05:54 What happened to the suitcase?
1:06:20 What’s the main income of IOHK?
1:06:40 Tone Vays
1:08:24 When Joe Rogan podcast?
1:09:30 Multiple brief rants
1:12:45 What about writing a spec after you finish coding?
1:14:25 Haskell has an extensive learning curve or how to introduce a new platform
1:20:00 The Voynich manuscript
1:21:30 Charles favorite video game

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