Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 19/03/2020

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 19/03/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On March 19th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an AMA. There he discussed oncoming challenges and opportunities faced by IOHK in light of the recent global developments.

Brief note

Before moving onto the questions Charles Hoskinson requests pictures of cherry blossoms from supporters in Japan. They can be tweeted to @IOHK_Charles. It appears that Charles Hoskinson will be unable to make it to Japan in the near future due to the recent outbreak. Furthermore, we wish Prince Albert of Monaco a speedy recovery after his diagnosis with nCOVID-19. Below, please find hyperlinks to the questions asked in the AMA.

AMA Questions

Can you tell us about the potential for Cardano oracles?

What is your router?

When eat shoe?

Still going to Antarctica?

What is your favorite NES game?

What is going on with all the delays?

What is the quarantine situation like in Colorado?

When can we expect an update from Aparna Jue?

Is the Haskell Shelley testnet going to be incentivized?

No one accepts ada anywhere.

Are you currently hiding in a bunker?

Are you going to comment on Chico Crypto’s video?

Can IOHK be brought up under the Defense Production Act?

Can you compare Ouroboros and Algorand’s pure-proof-of-stake?

Will Haskell consume less RAM?

Will publicizing stake pool operators prove risky for them personally?

Will Haskell students from the Ethiopian class be involved with the Haskell Shelley testnet?

Will Cardano work with Chainlink?

What can Cardano do to get people to vote?

What do you think about the simulation hypothesis?

Why is David Esser no longer with the project?

What is your largest stock holding?

Will IOHK be a publicly traded company?

What do you think about the recent Maker DAO issues?

If you were to be taken by COVID-19 could someone replace you?

Do we need decentralized GitHub?

What do you think about the senate bill to outlaw encryption?

Can you jump in and out of stake without penalty?

Will you ever shave your head?

When will we see a new IOHK Conference?

Timeline for ledger integration?

Could ada be a trillion dollar market cap?

How did the New Balance project go?

Why would a stake pool operator switch from the ITN to the non-incentivized?

What hobbies relax you?

Does IOHK plan to limit the amount of stake pools to 1000 at launch?

Can Cardano scale to 50k TPS?

Does Vitalik have something up his sleeve to blow Cardano out of the water?

What did you talk about with William Shatner?

Is IOHK producing Dapps to launch with Goguen?

What do you think about Trump giving away money?

How do you secure your own crypto assets?

Any surprise partnerships for the launch of Shelley?

When would you return to academia?

Why are some against treasuries?

Will IOTA make it?

How will ada change the legal industry?

Recommended philosophy reading?

Why is crypto crow’s website so weak?

Where does your economics knowledge come from?

What do you think about Warren Buffet saying that crypto has no value?

Is gold not good for engineering?

Is inflation essential for a growing economy?

How long do you see yourself with IOHK?

What was Ravenshore?

Can you comment on Godel’s incompleteness theory?

Will you ever change the name of IOHK?

Did you ever play Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

Will math ever be formally proven wrong?

Are you still flying to Japan?

Favorite Tom Petty song?

Quantum resistance?

Wingsuit training?

Favorite mathematician?

What is next for IOHK after Cardano?

Still contribute to ETC?

Thanks for watching!