Charles Hoskinson - Cardano Update 2018-07-04

New video update from Charles




Great update! @IOHK_Charles is the reason I decided to support Cardano, I dont know how he keeps all this in his head! He always seems to talk like he has no notes (I never see his eyes wander to notes, very professional)


Could you summarize briefly for the Korean community? Thank you in advance.

Seems like a significant change in confidence of implementation of POS recently? Would be better to start the conversation sooner than later.

I agree, I sense a change to the negative direction.

Not sure negative, but it feels fundamentally there are challenges that have required a reimagining. I may have been mistaken that the path to POS was clear with the algorithm. It seemed back in the beginning of the year that implementation of Shelley was first in line for test net. I have not seen a clear set of reasons why this changed. After reading Charles’s recent blog and this video update, it appears to me that a foundation is being set to change the community expectations on what decentralisation is going to look like. If that is the case, let’s start talking.

All thanks to @maki.mukai!


So the daedalus wallet for Linux has fallen completely under the table…

Clearly It’s not a priority because of the tiny userbase. I’m on linux. I use the previous version. I will compile myself and be patient…

Sorry if a stupid question :grimacing: but is using wine + win-version not an option at all? Or it doesn’t work for Daedalus?

I haven’t tried. But the last time I compiled cardano-sl and daedalus, it was simple, so to have the last version I will not use wine.

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