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Re: Cardano 1.4
10.08.2018 - Cardano Foundation Newsletter
Possible Sybil attack: multiple *big* Stake Pools run by the same person
  • Cardano 1.3 with Daedalus 0.11
    • QA finished, expect release around August 8-9.
    • Update proposal push to network planned for tomorrow.
    • Lot of refactoring, efficiency improvements:
      • Memory utilization down ~90% (from 1.5-2.0 GB down to 150-200 MB).
      • Network improvements, ~300% improvement on the time it takes to download blocks.
      • Improvements on Connecting to Network issue.
  • Cardano 1.4
    • Largest update for Cardano.
    • Refactoring makes the code higher quality and easier to test.
    • Release around October.
    • Blockchain data storage improvements, from 1,300,000 files on the hard disk down to 44,000.
    • Wallet backend specification fully implemented.
  • Shelley (delegation, decentralization, PoS)
    • Incentive Scheme paper and Delegation Specification is finished.
    • Planning of the implementation has begun, time estimates and deadlines will become clear by end of August.
    • ~21 major work units, some can be done in parallel, some linearly.
    • ~1000 stakepools estimated.
  • Project Prometheus
    • Alternative codebase written in Rust.
    • For lighter-weight experiences, such as embedded devices, smartphones, ATMs, Ledger, Finney.
    • August 15 announcement is a Google Chrome extension wallet with Prometheus at its core.
  • Testnets
    • Byron testnet this week.
    • Shelley testnet over the next few months.
  • Discussion with Vitalik Buterin
  • Twitter
    • Charles leaves Twitter because of toxic community.
    • Video updates like this one will still be posted.


A thousand stake pools—are you hearing what I am hearing?


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