IOHK's Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update - 20/11/2020

Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update - 20/11/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On November 20th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down to give a ​brief update​ on current IOHK progress.

Coming Cardano Product Update

At the end of November or beginning of December, we will have the product update. There will likely be two product updates for Cardano. The first will be a regular update, the second will occur on the birthday of Ada Lovelace and it will be an end of year retrospective.We are still saving big announcements for the end of the year. We are bringing on new engineers and new hires. We have tightened our relationship with Mutual Knowledge Networks and Runtime Verification. We are looking forward to talking about where K is going and where IELE is going. We have a lot of Dapp stuff coming and some Ethiopia related news.

We were hoping to announce sooner, but commercial negotiations have shut down due to the current civil war. Meanwhile, Georgia and Mongolia continue to go quite well.

Continued progress

We are continuing to cut releases every two weeks. We are also looking forward to hardware support. There are updates for Trezor and Ledger upcoming. For hybrid and partial wallets we foresee these coming on in Q1 of next year. A HFC (Hard Fork Combinator) event is approaching in the first week ofDecember and we are coordinating with our partners. This will be the first Goguen related event. he next HFCs will bring native assets and then Plutus respectively. Token locking will be supported on Cardano mainnet in December. This allows for registration and credentialing for voting.

In Fund3 there will be a voting center fully constructed in Daedalus. Currently, this happens through a cellphone app. We believe that in the future this will occur on Yoroi, Daedalus and the app.
We have one more HFC event towards the end of the year, many updates are on their way. We do not assume that any wallets will go down during an HFC event. We have also gone through a retrospective on integration with partnerships like Bittrex.

Announcements and partnerships

We have many partnership related announcements coming up but we will wait for the product update to discuss these. We will soon be talking more about the DSL GLOW and also IELE. We are also going to be aligning the Catalyst funds to finance the building of applications on Cardano.

Fund after fund, we are continuing to grow and build. We will encounter some disruption in terms of the holidays but we will encounter no disruption of technological advancements. We will tweet out the dates of the upcoming product show and we will also announce the date of the yearly retrospective.

In conclusion, the first of the three Goguen HFC events is coming. Sidechains are on their way soon. Hydra announcements are in route also. We also have some PRISM news which will help bring identity into the ecosystem.


thanks @Cardano & CF; it’s brilliant to see an update in text as well as video :heart_eyes:

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