Charles Hoskinson on the Friends & Family Pioneers - 11/05/2020

Charles Hoskinson on the Friends & Family Pioneers - 11/05/2020

On May 11th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an update on the recent launch of the ‘Friends and Family’ testnet.

Quick summary:

  • The Friends and Family testnet has been turned on.

  • The initial group of pioneer stake pool operators were briefed by IOHK but in an effort to remain transparent they have been encouraged to speak openly about their experiences.

  • The Daedalus Flight program is helping us to rapidly upgrade Daedalus. We encourage anyone with feature ideas to reach out.

  • We have chosen a vendor for the IOHK virtual conference, that and the date will be announced at the launch of the Shelley mainnet client.

Pioneer day

Today is Pioneer day. This means that the stakepool operators have gotten together with IOHK. We gave them a presentation and homework for them to do. The ‘Friends and Family’ testnet was turned on today. This is a beautiful thing for the IOHK ecosystem and we’re very happy with the outcome.

Throughout the week we will be rolling a great deal of new information out to the pioneers. This will require fortitude on their account, but we look forward to having the valuable information that they provide. As they get further, the distance between the public Haskell testnet is much shorter.

We also have an upcoming Cardano Effect episode where we will discuss pledging. We are having a great dialogue with the community at the moment. This is an example of how we get things done. We as a community are beginning to operate as one. We have even noticed that some pioneers have been proactively pulling documentation as we write it. This is great because we weren’t planning on socializing the documentation just yet.Our community holds us to the commitments that we have made while understanding that everything will not be perfect.

Adding to Daedalus

We recently released Daedalus Flight 1.1 and we are adding new features and functionality. We are now exploring adding a CSVX port for Daedalus which includes time, date, and value of transactions for tax purposes. We would also like to explore if it is possible to use a ubi key for the spending password rather than a regular spending password. This would dramatically increase security. We are currently looking into if this is possible. If users have any ideas of things they would like to see in Daedalus we encourage them to reach out.

Vacuum labs is currently working full time on ledger integration for Daedalus. The next update of the ledger firmware will include cold staking. Meanwhile the CIP process is currently out. There

are around 4 CIPs which have already been submitted. Great work is happening on the Voltaire side which cannot be revealed yet.

The pioneers are currently working very hard. We have not had them sign NDAs and we have encouraged them to be as transparent as possible. We believe that they will help bring more community members into the ecosystem at large. We would like to direct individuals to the Cardano Effect, and the IOHK blog for more information about the pledge, stake pools, and the Shelley Haskell testnet rollout.

Advancing on all fronts

Atala Prism recently had a presentation for the identity standard in Cardano. We have also selected a vendor for the virtual summit. We will announce the event when the Shelley mainnet client is launched. We are now working with McCann and PWC to structure our thoughts on the relaunch of There, we are developing an important brand image to share widely

All of our staff has been doing incredible work in order to make all of our assets top notch. We are now advancing at the speed of light.

We thank the pioneers for all of their work. Soon the balance check will be coming, and after that we will be at the launch of the mainnet client. At that point we’re looking forward to the conversation changing from ‘When Shelley’ to ‘When Goguen?’