Charles Hoskinson Saturday Night Surprise AMA - 19/04/2020

Charles Hoskinson Saturday Night Surprise AMA - 19-4-2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On April 19th 2020 Charles Hoskinson sat down for an AMA. There he discussed the current research velocity as well as the upcoming developments in the Cardano ecosystem.

Brief Summary:

  • We will likely have one more Daedalus Flight candidate shortly .

  • Byron is disseminating through Cardano well the benefits include debugging more quickly and reduced sync times.

  • Criticisms that Shelley will never launch can be answered by his recent whiteboard video.

Increased development

In the last seventeen days we have launched 4 releases and we will have two more on the way next week. There will likely be one more Flight candidate. We will do the mainnet release of Daedalus on the regular version of Daedalus which will aggregate all changes in the month of April for the Flight program. That means that all users will be on the new Byron reboot code.

Linux, Mac, and windows will be compatible with this.

We’re quite happy that the Flight program has rolled out to users. Sync times have ranged from 30 minutes to two hours which is a massive improvement. We have seen sync times on Windows fall from eight hours to an hour and ten minutes. This is positive progress after recent developments.

Byron advantage

We’re also happy to report that upon finding bugs we fixed them in hours and days. This is far quicker than the previous code base. We attribute this to our enhanced architecture with the Byron reboot. It allows us to do memory profiling or to look at the traces. This design and beautiful architecture makes the entire process easier.

For critics

After the recent whiteboard video there has been criticism that Shelley will never launch. However, we have a step by step plan to make Shelley happen. The 23rd of April will represent the next major internal release of the node. This will pull together many components for the Shelley ‘friends and family’ testnet. We will take another couple of weeks to bring the CLI into this.

If we continue this velocity the Haskell Shelley testnets are imminent. If critics look at the integration of the Haskell node with the Haskell wallet backend, it can be parallelized and there is a large team working on it. That means we are looking at around 4 to 6 weeks to finalize the last component. Essentially, what we thought would happen is happening. We are in the release bands we’re comfortable with.

Aparna Jue will reveal more in terms of deadlines and what we are building at the end of this month. The whiteboard video represents the path that we are currently following. This will be a lot of work but it will be a straightforward process. We are upgrading a cryptocurrency and decentralizing a federated system. A million things can go wrong here, but through careful planning and systematic effort we are launching a graceful upgrade which doesn’t disrupt anything.

This will allow hundreds of people to take over something run by only three companies. We see this as the greatest achievement this year of any other cryptocurrency. We wish Ethereum well with Ethereum 2 but we feel very good about the recent Cardano upgrade. Everything is on rails here.

AMA Questions:

5:51 How can Cardano staking run forever with limited coin supply?

9:52 Are you looking forward to Jerry Fragiskatos and Romain Pellerin improving Cardano?

11:16 Will we need to re-enter our twelve word passphrase for the Shelley wallet?

14:12 IOHK has released a paper called ‘Optimum ways to delay your project.’

16:17 How does Cardano handle fee adjustments?

17:35 Ledger/Cold Staking update?

18:25 Cardano possible ID contender for 2020?

19:00 Is the Plutus API expected to arrive at Goguen launch?

20:40 Is ETH adopting some of Cardano’s code?

21:30 You’re full of yourself.

23:30 I can’t see stake pools.

24:32 What happened to the presentation that Charles and Duncan did at Google?

25:40 Show the community that it’s more than just a wallet.

26:53 How will Cardano outpace Algorand?

28:11 Would you ever teach another Udemy course?

29:00 Is Hydra a layer 2 solution?

29:30 What happened to BeefChain?

30:47 Why blockchain instead of DAG?

31:43 What do you mean by no delays?

37:00 Do you have people on the ground in Africa?

41:00 Any updates on Voltaire?

41:50 Any employees laid off due to COVID-19?

42:10 When will we be able to install Cardano to Rock-Pi?

43:10 Are you happy about the relationship with McCann?

43:58 Is blockchain good for anything besides a cryptocurrency?

44:10 How will Marlowe improve now that Simon Thompson is working for IOHK as a lead?

44:28 Is 2020 still the target for mainnet Shelley?

45:05 When will the nodes on the ITN be shut down?

46:12 What is the stablecoin debacle?

50:30 Will you and IOHK continue working on Cardano throughout 2020?

54:49 Tell us about the new masks.

55:19 Is the dollar going the way of Zimbabwe?

56:40 Are you familiar with Eric Weinstien’s theory of everything?

1:01 Why did you shave your beard?

1:13:15 Does your relationship with KVM or 2018 haunt you?

1:18:38 Is there going to be an event for the launch of Shelley?

1:19:25 Can you use cryptocurrencies to implement UBI?

1:20:23 Will Tamara be at the virtual Shelley launch?

1:21:48 Have you found a platform that doesn’t use Zoom?

1:24:00 Are you planning a partnership with Polka Dot?

1:25:30 If I miss an upgrade can I lose my ada?

1:26:20 What do you think about Bill Gates being against Trump about funding for the WHO?

1:28:20 Are decentralized Oracles possible?

1:29:00 Do you play any games?

1:30:10 Holochain says they’re beyond blockchain?

1:30:24 Planting anything on your ranch?

1:31:50 Still fasting?

1:32:20 Do you have a fallout bunker on your ranch?

1:32:38 Any other project you’re working on that will have as much impact as Cardano?

1:36:52 Have you ever read any Max Tegmark or Nassim Taleb?

1:38:40 Did Jeffrey Epstien kill himself?

1:41:25 Why is Peter Schiff wrong about the US dollar?

1:42:51 When will exchanges be able to stake?

1:43:33 Can the euro take down the dollar?

1:45:00 Can you talk about the paintings behind you?

1:45:40 thinking about moving to Denver from San Diego?

1:47:10 Where haven’t you gone yet that you want to go?

1:48:13 What microphone do you use?

1:48:29 Please explain Daedalus flight.

1:51:25 Have you ever been to Satoshi Roundtable?

1:52:15 Do you think COVID 19 was made in a lab?

1:56:50 What do you think of the protests in the US?

1:58:45 You sound like a closet Trump supporter?

2:01:20 What do you think about Craig Wright using the Ourobors dragon using its own tail as a logo?

2:05:25 Did you know from the beginning that Bitconnect was a scam?

2:06:25 How do you feel about Ron Paul?

2:08:25 Why does everyone who has worked with you in the past talk bad about you?

2:11:20 Thoughts on Starlink?

2:11:50 Thoughts on Molten Tar Monster #3 (Chico Crypto). Is he mad that you didn’t give him an interview?

2:14:45 What is your retirement plan?

2:17:02 Do you smoke weed?

2:18:05 What book do you recommend for learning cryptography?

2:19:28 Can Chainlink move their ERC20 token into Cardano?

2:21:15 Why did you refuse to take your ETH tokens when you were booted out by the founders?

2:25:50 Are you the favorite child?

2:27:15 What are your plans for Atala Charles?

2:30:19 Ever thought of asking for some of your ETH back?

2:34:08 Opinions on Jocko Willink?

2:36:47 What do you think about Binance’s smart contract chain?

2:38:25 What is Polymath’s relationship with Cardano?

2:42:27 Human readable addresses?



Will it complement Cardano?

Where was that mentioned?

(But regardless, wouldn’t be a secret anymore if we’d know though, would we :wink:)


Yeah, it can stay secret, but maybe he can tell us if it will compliment Cardano…

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Pure speculation on my part, but I would venture to guess that it is Cardano related.