Rollout of Phase 2 (Rewards) of the Ambassador Program

(Written by the @Cardano Community Management Team)

We are privileged to announce Phase 2 (Rewards) of the Ambassador Program. All Ambassadors are eligible for rewards and recognition. This phase further supports the growth and continuing development of our community.

First, let’s review what happened in Phase 1

Our Ambassador Program was launched in December 2018 (here) to increase transparency, grow the community and drive the adoption of Cardano. Phase 1 gave public recognition and additional support to the Cardano community members, who had gone (and continue to go) above and beyond.

We listened and created four Ambassador roles.
In Phase 1, four roles – Content Creators, Meetup Organizers, Moderators and Translators – were identified in consultation with our Ambassadors to fill the necessary gaps to grow our community in different ways. The roles and responsibilities are published on this page: Ambassadors

We tried and tested the Ambassador selection process.
Within a year, we brought onboard 58 Ambassadors representing 26 countries and fluent in 28 languages.

What is Phase 2 (Rewards)?

Phase 2 (Rewards) includes the first implementation of monetary and non-financial rewards, which is something we have worked long to achieve. The rewards scheme is a virtuous cycle of community feedback and innovation. Inspiration is an iterative process where ideas build on top of each other, so for this reason we are likely to make further improvements in our efforts to build a fair and functioning framework.

Rewards will be made in our native token – ada (₳), named after Ada Lovelace, British mathematical visionary who worked on the Analytical Engine, a mechanical general-purpose computer design.

Any community member can apply or nominate someone.
A community member becomes eligible by being nominated or applying.

What are the benefits of the Ambassadorship?

  • Get rewarded for your contribution;
  • Direct lines to the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO and Input Output through dedicated invite-only Ambassador Slack channel;
  • Exclusive invitations to closed events, software previews and calls with our high-performing teams ahead of general public releases;
  • Distinctive Ambassador profile badge on the Cardano Forum;
  • Cardano-branded event swag to give out at your own offline events;
  • Gain valuable experience within the blockchain industry and behind-the-scenes access to the Project;
  • Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project officials.

How do rewards work?

We are introducing three levels of Ambassadorship.
There are two main components of the Cardano Ambassador Program’s rewards scheme:

  • The actual reward for your contributions in your primary Ambassador role;
  • Three Ambassador Levels, which will give you the option to contribute in additional Ambassador roles.

Following the Cardano era naming tradition, each level of the ambassadorship has been attributed to an outstanding mathematician. The choice is intended to reflect the diversity of bright minds who contributed to the science of mathematics and programming.

  • Level 1 (al-Khwarizmi) Ambassador – can be rewarded for one role, up to a maximum of US$300
  • Level 2 (Mirzakhani) Ambassador – can be rewarded for two roles, up to a maximum of US$450
  • Level 3 (Turing) Ambassador – can be rewarded for three roles, up to a maximum of US$600

Every quarter, up to four Ambassadors will be selected to progress to Level 2 and Level 3, and unlock the access to be rewarded for more than one role.

Being a Level 3 Turing Ambassador or Level 2 Mirzakhani Ambassador does not entail a higher social status, authority or privilege over a Level 1 al-Khwarizmi Ambassador. It is merely a mechanism to reward those Ambassadors who voluntarily perform more than their original role consistently.

Some Ambassadors are happy to perform one role, others are naturally inclined to participate more broadly. All Ambassadors are equal and they are under no obligation to apply for a higher rewards level.

Content Creator Rewards
Content Creators provide insights into the technology, curate news or help people find their way around the project. Content comes in many different formats: videos, blogs, long-form forum posts, infographics, and more. Content Creators will be rewarded for content if the quality and accuracy are to a high standard. The monthly cap is US$300. Some of the Content Creator responsibilities include:

  • Create content about Cardano (guides, podcasts, articles, Cardano Forum post tutorials, technical written pieces, infographics, videos);
  • Publish or link to the original content on the Cardano Forum, as well as their own medium of distribution;
  • Share a regular report with all content created and published with the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team through your proof of work report;
  • Content can be in any language;

Note: Trading or price-related content is not eligible for rewards.

Meetup Organizer Rewards
Meetup Organizers bring our community members together offline to meet and connect. Meetups can be for a technical or non-technical audience and there are several formats for hosting a Cardano event. Meetup Organizers can be supplied with swag, expenses reimbursed for the venue and refreshments, earn a baseline reward of up to US$60 per event, and an extra incentive based on the size and performance. The monthly cap for a Meetup Organizer is US$300 per month. Some of the tasks include:

  • Organize and host Cardano community meetups regularly (at least every three months) in your area;
  • Provide a written recap report with photographs;
  • Provide video recordings;
  • Share a recap of the meetups with group photos on the Cardano Forum;
  • Meetup Organizers are welcome to hold their non-Cardano blockchain meetups and include Cardano on their agendas. However, the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team only gives credit for Cardano community meetups.

Moderator Rewards
Moderators keep our channels informative, friendly and constructive. Moderators have a good understanding of how each specific channel works since each medium has different rules and cadence. Moderators are visible and active daily. The basis of the rewards relies on a set of defined activities. If Moderators successfully meet these criteria, they are eligible to receive a reward of up to US$300 each month. A few of the responsibilities include:

  • Welcome new members;
  • Ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct within the channels;
  • Provide interesting information and answer questions;
  • Maintain discussions constructive and mutually beneficial;
  • Constantly communicate with other Moderators to discuss tactics, flag unethical behaviors and determine actions to take;
  • Regularly provide proof of work reports with activity logs from each channel to the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team.

Translator Rewards
Translators increase awareness of Cardano in non-English-speaking communities. They drive Cardano’s adoption by using their expertise to translate knowledge, making it accessible for the community and growing our library of non-English content. Translators get rewarded on a per-word basis of US$0.02 with a monthly cap of US$300. This equates to a total of 15,000 words per month. Some of the tasks of Translators are:

  • Translate relevant content into non-English languages;
  • Share the translated materials with the community on the Cardano Forum and in our channels;
  • Translators are free to identify and translate any Cardano-related content proactively;
  • Translators are responsible for avoiding the duplication of work by checking with the fellow Ambassadors in the dedicated Translator Slack. To avoid duplication, Translators are to use ‘translation’ tag on the Forum to see what has already been translated;
  • Translators will provide regular proof of work reports with translated content to the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team;
  • We may suggest pieces for translation, such as Cardano newsletters.

This is a pilot program

It is important to understand that this is still a pilot program, and changes will be made over the next few months based on feedback from our community, as well as updates and improvements to our internal processes.

Thank you for reading and let us hear your thoughts!

Please check out the Ambassador’s page for more details: Ambassadors

And please leave us some suggestions, questions, and feedback below.